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The Balancing Act: How to Preserve Your Happiness | AIB

All people seek happiness to live a full life and full of satisfaction, although it seems that it is not always so easy to get it. Many people suffer from depression or chronic sadness and believe that happiness is an impossible utopia to achieve. But in these cases, it is only the condition of your mind that makes you think this, in reality, happiness is available to everyone, you just have to balance the balance.

What is happiness for you?

When someone asks you; What is happiness for you? You may not able answer this because you may not know exactly what happiness is or how you should feel when you really feel happy. You may think that happiness is finding yourself every day, getting dreams, enjoying life with the people you love, having a state of balance where your life flows in harmony … or maybe you have no idea.

Balance of Happiness

Happiness is a subjective state, but what makes us more or less happy? The capacity you have to be happy, half of this capacity is determined by genetics. Experts call it: ‘Your nodal point of happiness.’ People can improve or worsen the innate tendency to be more or less happy, but as with body weight, you will always tend to return to your midpoint.

Although half of the capacity to be happy depends on genetics, there is a 10% that depends on the circumstances that you are living in today. But what about the remaining 40%? That 40% depends on your daily behavior, your focus and vital judgment, how you live and feel your life and how you judge yourself and others. A lot of happiness is in your hands!

What elements tip your balance of happiness?

Balance of Happiness

Some concrete elements can make your balance of happiness lean to one side or the other. Let’s see some interesting facts in response to some questions. Before reading the answer to the question, we advise you to first think about your answer and then check the reality that the experts say.

  • Who are happier: women or men? Women tend to be a little happier than men, but they also tend to be more depressed, on average they are more vulnerable to good and bad emotions. 1 in 5 women will have depression throughout their lives.
  • Who are happiest: married or single? It is not a question of marital status, people who are well with their partners will be more pleased. Although there are studies that show that it is better to be alone than badly accompanied.
  • Is money necessary to be happy? Money influences happiness below the survival level that is, if you do not have your basic needs covered. But above the survival level, anyone can be happy with more or less money. Even if income grows, that does not mean that happiness increases.
  • Is health necessary to be happy? Health weighs in the balance of happiness. People are good at overcoming obstacles; to the people who amputate an arm to regain their happiness in a time of three years.
  • Is work essential to be happy? Work is a necessary element in the balance of happiness, if you have the job your level of happiness rises because of your level of autonomy and self-esteem increases. Working close to home will still make you happier.
  • Would you be happier if the lottery touched you? When you win the lottery, you feel the high adrenaline, but after a few months, you return to the levels of happiness before. This is called the ‘hedonistic habituation,’ humans get used to both positive and negative changes.

How to increase happiness?

Balance of Happiness

As you well know, to be happy you have much to do, since 40% to achieve happiness is in your hands. Do you want to know how you can maximize your happiness? To do so, do not miss the next point.

Distinguish between intentional and circumstantial changes

Circumstantial changes, for example, a raise, buy a car or buy a house. They are material changes that you get used to right away.

Intentional changes describe the effort you make to achieve a goal or start a new activity. That is, it has to do with looking for a long-term goal.

The people who deliberately generate deliberate changes in their lives maintain a ‘rush’ of happiness that brings about all the changes in general for a longer time. So the recommendation of experts to maintain happiness is to combine circumstantial changes with intentional changes. These changes should have an impact on your life in the medium and long-term.

Find your own happiness

Balance of Happiness

Happiness, therefore, will not be the same for two people since we are all different with our own quirks and different needs. Each person must modulate their happiness without looking at the happiness of the person next to them. To be happy, you have to look inside yourself, and you know what your own needs are to keep the balance of happiness well balanced.

In addition to having the needs in mind, one must also keep in mind one’s preferences. With the balance of your happiness in front of you, you just have to think what is that which will provide you with greater emotional well-being.

To achieve this, you must evaluate how your life is currently and if there is something that requires your attention or makes some changes to improve your quality of life and your emotional health. Think that we only have one life to live and that it is worthwhile to be happy every day of our lives. Think about your needs and your preferences … and get going to get it!

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