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Sony Is Finally Letting You Change Your PSN Name | AIB

Sony announced the new feature that fans have been waiting for a long time and soon will be possible to change your name on PlayStation Network! Anyone who wants to create an account on PS4 or PS3 needs a PSN ID. This ID will be created for the PlayStation Network and will allow you to log in again and again with your unique login ID.

What belongs to the account, of course, is a username, the PSN name. You can choose this yourself. But those who have been wearing their PSN name for several years now may want to change it. After all, it can be that this was a youthful sin. Since you should quickly give a nickname and decides for the first, what comes into your head. Of course, that can be a bit dumb stuff, and you ‘ll soon regret choosing it as your PSN name.

In such a case, it would, of course, be great if you could just change the PSN name. How and if that works is an almost never-ending topic on the PlayStation. Because what works smoothly with other providers, such as the Xbox, Steam or (Blizzard), is still problematic at Sony.

Sony Announces PSN Name Change Beta

Now, Sony decides to change this by giving this new feature to change player name in PSN. First of all, it will only be possible to change your ID during a test phase. If you are part of the selected testers, you can change your PSN name as often as you like during this phase.

PSN Name

But, changing the ID will not be free! Although the first change is still free, all subsequent adjustments cost each 9.99 euros, and PS Plus members pay “only” 4.99 euros. So better make sure that you have not mistaken, from temporary running gags that you like less in a month, you should also keep your hands off.

Once you’ve chosen a new name, it’s possible to share your old ID with the new one, so your friends will recognize you as well. You can not deactivate this later, so you should also be sure of what you prefer: to continue to drag the old username around with you or finally to break away from it, even if that could lead to confusion in the circle of friends.

Besides, complications may occur in games released before April 1, 2018, and some of them may not support the ID change. If you notice such an error, you can return to your old ID at no extra cost – the only question is, do you really want that? Fortunately, Sony intends to publish a list of all compatible games on the official PlayStation site after the trial to make your decision easier.

When exactly the test phase starts, is not yet known. To try the ID change during the test, you need to be part of the PlayStation Preview program, so you have already signed up for previous PlayStation 4 system software betas. From the beginning of 2019, the name change should then be available to all players.

Are you happy that you can finally change your name on PSN or are you still skeptical about the restrictions? Do you even need a new PSN name or are you still satisfied with yours?

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