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The Five Most Slick Electric Bikes Of Today | AIB

Electric bicycles are fashionable. More and more manufacturers are beginning to bet on this type of vehicle due to the boom they are having. You can go for a standard model to take you from place to place. In case if you need an extra slick copy that guarantees that you are in the spotlight. With these five e-bikes, the latter is all right, and you drive around like an electric badass.

1. Audi E-bike Wörthersee

Electric Bikes

Audi is no longer just the cars and after the takeover of Ducati, they now also want to enter the e-bike market. The electric bike comes with custom carbon wheels and a full-suspension frame, which is also made of carbon fiber.

This makes it a light bike and the frame weighs only 1.6 kg. Some laptops are even heavier than that. Furthermore, the bike would have a range of 50 to 70 km, and you would not even have to peddle with the eGrip mode.

2.Moar bike

Electric Bikes

The Moar bike is a fat bike and comes with extra thick tires. For the design, the makers have applied for a patent, and it should be the first full suspension e-bike on the market. The bike is made of the same quality aluminum that is also used in aircraft and therefore it is just like the Audi bike a pretty light bike.

What makes the electric thing unique is that you can also fold it up, making it easy to store. Furthermore, it comes with a 750-watt motor and a 48v battery, which should be good for 135 km of support.

3. Luna Fusion Crusher 3

Electric Bikes

The Luna company is known for its high-quality electric bikes and attention to detail. The Luna Fusion Crusher 3 is another masterpiece and looks like it could even be part of a Fast and Furious film.

This e-bike is meant to have fun off the beaten track and comes with a 52v 24ah battery. Furthermore, you can customize various things on the bike, and you can even go for the engine to a 2,500-watt copy.

4. Propella 2.0 e-bike

Electric Bikes

Where you can see with many electric bikes that they have an engine and that it is indeed an e-bike, Propella tries to make e-bikes that look more like regular bikes.

The Propella 2.0 is an excellent example of this and looks like a regular mountain bike with a sturdy bottle of water. This e-bike is being promoted as being incredibly light and equipped with the latest battery technology.

5. Skillion Max Classic

Electric Bikes

The Skillion Max Classic is built to perform. It is a robust looking e-bike, equipped with a 1,000-watt mid-engine. You can also go for a somewhat braver version with a 250-watt motor. Furthermore, the e-bike is equipped with 8 Shimano gears, and it should easily get annoying hills.

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