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How to Fix Unreadable or Corrupted Memory SD Card | AIB

SD cards are the easiest way to increase the memory size of electronic devices. But it is surprising that numerous devices today store crucial files in flash memories. These include application and media files.

SD cards can be highly useful. But they function just like USB devices. Hence, they can be corrupted by insecure applications or infected systems. External causes can even damage the physical parts of the card. This makes it unreadable for devices.

Such cases can result in the loss of valuable data. This can cause serious issues for the user. If you have been suffering from a similar case, don’t worry. Here is how you can recover data from SD card. Let’s take a look.

Important Tip: Stop using your SD card as soon as it is corrupted. Do this until you find a suitable solution to the problem? Why? Because any action made in haste can further damage the SD card.

Fix Corrupted or Unreadable SD Memory Card Using chkdsk/f Command

The chkdsk/f command checks the file system for errors. It scans the memory and corrects any corrupted sector it finds. It is a part of a Windows toolkit. Here are the steps that you need to execute while checking the file system for errors:

Step 1: Connect the SD card to a computer running a Windows OS. This can be done by using a memory card reader.

Step 2: Go to the start menu and click on Run. You can also press the Win + R keys.

Step 3: Type cmd and click on Run. You will enter the Command Prompt.

Step 4: Enter the command chkdsk [Drive Letter]: /f

For example, let’s say the G drive is the SD card. Enter the command as chkdsk G: /f

Step 5: Press the Y key to confirm. You will enter the disk checking mode.

Windows will then begin the disk checking process. This will take some minutes to complete. You will get a message saying” Windows has made corrections to the file system.” This only appears when Windows is able to solve the issue.

You can also try the switch /? Command. This will show you other check parameters that chkdsk offers.

The GUI shell can also be utilized for this purpose. This can be used when the process of using the command prompt is too inconvenient for you. You can access it via the explorer through the following steps:

  • Go to My Computer/This PC.
  • Select the SD card and Right Click on it.
  • Navigate to the Tools tab under Properties.
  • Click the Check button.

This will check the drive for file system errors in a similar manner.

Recover Data from Corrupted or Unreadable SD Memory Card with Stellar Data Recovery Services

There are also chances that the issue is deep-rooted. If so, then the chkdsk command won’t work.

Approaching a professional Data Recovery service provider like Stellar data recovery can come to your rescue. They have a state-of-the-art data recovery solution. They can recover data from all kind of SD cards. This includes flash drives, CF Cards, SDHC Cards, SDXC Cards, compact memory cards, and micro SD Cards.

Stellar data recovery has a dedicated team of experts. They have years of niche experience. With their help, you can easily recover any of your lost files. This includes videos and images from SD cards of all market-leading brands such as Kingston, Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar, etc.

Stellar Data Recovery has the highest industry success rates. They have a recovery blueprint for every situation. This includes the following cases:

  • Data loss due to hardware failure.
  • Data loss due to SD card formatting errors.
  • Data loss due to accidental deletion of data.
  • Data loss due to physical damage to SD card etc.

The Bottom line

Data Recovery Services from Stellar data recovery cannot be easily matched. Their experts and the data recovery environment are top-notch.

With the help of professional data recovery services, you can easily recover your lost data. They can recover data from all types of devices. Their unique list of services includes the following:

  • Professional Data Recovery Lab Setup. This includes all the necessary tools for successful data recovery.
  • Class 100 clean room lab.
  • ISO 9001-27001 Certified.
  • Over 25 years of experience and trust of over 2+ million customers.
  • 100 % Data security and confidentiality.
  • 15 Branches across India.
  • No Recovery – No Charge Policy.

All this makes Stellar data recovery a professional and trusted data recovery service provider. They also ensure that your SD Card is protected from any further possible damage.

So get in touch with them right away to recover your data!

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