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How Does Too Much Sugar Affect Your Body? | AIB

Maintaining a healthy eating plan is very important to have good health in the short and long term. Maybe when you go to the store to buy food it seems impossible, there are many delicious things and full of sugar. In this sense, it is probable that without realizing you consume more sugar daily than is necessary.

When you consume more sugar …

At different times of the year, it can also cause you to consume more sugar than you should because of festivals, social events, etc. That you eat a sweet occasionally does not have to be bad, but if you eat one every morning, things change considerably. The problem is in that. When you eat sugar more than one sitting your body experiences digestive issues, you feel more tired, and as if that were not enough, you will have more added and unnecessary calories in your body.


Also, your body breaks sugar into glucose, which is released into the bloodstream. In response, your body releases insulin to help reduce sugar levels and to boost your cells cleanse that excess. Any sugar that your body does not use is stored as fat.

Overeating sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to rise, which will make you hungrier and want more sugary foods, so it is essential to end the vicious and highly destructive cycle. If you have crossed the line today with sugar, you will have to do some things about it.

Eat Protein and Fiber!


Stabilizes the blood sugar level by eating some protein and slow-digesting fiber. If you do not, your blood sugar level will be blocked, and you may feel hungry and want to eat again. If you eat again, you may want to eat more sugary foods without breaking the vicious circle that will make you sick in the long run. The options of healthy snacks, in this case, is an apple, nines, hard-boiled egg, pistachios, vegetables, hummus …

Yoga is your Ally!


85% of people say that they eat more sweet foods when they are stressed. When people who experience stress they consume sugary drinks, the stress response in their body becomes even worse. It means that what you need is not to take sweet food when you feel nervous or stressed, but you must find the cause of your stress and attack it directly. Solves the root problem instead of eating emotionally.

One way to do this is to practice yoga regularly. If you have little time, you do not need to go to a yoga class in your gym. You can do it at home quietly. At present, there are many channels on YouTube for example that offer free yoga classes so you can do it in the comfort of your home and when it comes better. It is better to do 10 minutes of yoga a day than to do nothing.

Start taking Healthy Foods!


If eating sweets makes you want more foods that are not healthy for you, then you will need to start having a different diet. Do not buy anything that has excess sugar, that are ultra-processed foods or that you know that their consumption will harm you in some way.

Have a weekly meal plan to know what you have to eat at each time of the day. So you can have a healthy diet without having to resort to foods harmful to your health or your weight. If you have doubts about how to do this, you can always go to a nutritionist or dietitian to guide you whenever necessary.

Probiotic Foods!


The ‘bad’ bacteria that live in your intestine feed on the sugar you eat can affect your cognitive function. The next time you exceed your sugar consumption, try yogurt or cottage cheese to add some ‘good’ bacteria to your stomach.

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