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How a Startup from India is Changing the way People travel Abroad | AIB

Imagine, you are a typical Indian tied to your desk job who is interested in planning an international trip. What would you do first? No, leave the financials aside. We are talking about the planning. Most Indian families planning their domestic trip tend to visit the same set of places and are allergic to research. And, it is the same with international trips.

By default, we reach out to travel agencies, pay them a lump sum, and then reuse an over exhausted package. As a result, our Instagram feed is the same as our friend’s. What about the experience? You are rushed through every attraction, and there is nothing to take back.


While this has been the norm of planning an international trip from India, a startup called Pickyourtrail has something new in store for us. Based out of Chennai, Pickyourtrail is an online platform that lets the customers plan their own vacation, customize, and book it. Founder’s Hari and Srinath are enthusiastic travelers themselves, and the idea of Pickyourtrail came in during one of their Euro Trips.

The duo stumbled upon Indians in Europe who were on a packaged tour. Talking to them, Hari and Srinath realized they were not happy with the way the entire trip was planned. The contrasting difference between their itineraries is something that interested the duo.

“People work all their lives to go on an international vacation, and if it isn’t something fulfilling, then there’s no reason for the hard work and the money you spent,” says Hari.


At its core, Pickyourtrail wants to solve this problem. To break the idea of cliched, packaged tours and empower the people to plan their own vacations. But, when it started out, which was at the end of 2013, Pickyourtrail was just an activity marketplace. A place to just book activities.

“While the idea was well received, there was no clear hook to book. We realized flight & hotel bookings are the clear hooks and including them changed the platform altogether”, says Srinath.

Fast forward, Pickyourtrail now has flights, hotels, transfers, and activities all included. Coupled with a powerful proprietary algorithm, the platform is now your one-stop solution for all your planning worries.


Over the years, the company has scaled to newer heights, and it has now served over 10,000 customers. In 2017, Google-BCG Travel report named Pickyourtrail as the benchmark for customer experience. In 2018, the brand also bagged awards for being the best travel partner from Travel Boutique Online and the most innovative travel startup by FICCI.

Recently, Pickyourtrail was in the limelight at TiECON Chennai awards. An annual event that celebrates remarkable brands, TiECON Chennai felicitated Pickyourtrail with the ‘Startup of the year.’ The award comes in as a validation of an idea that will forever change the way people travel.

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