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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review – Change For The Better | AIB

The Call of Duty saga returns to the fray with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and a single objective, replacing the COD saga on the throne of the multiplayer shooters, which is now occupied by Fortnite Battle Royale. To achieve this goal, the developer presents us with a title that could well be divided into three. The classic multiplayer mode, the acclaimed zombies and the new bet of the franchise, Blackout, the Battle Royale of this Call of Duty.

After having tried the three modes, we believe that the best way to analyze as clear and concise as possible is to divide it into three parts, each dedicated to each of the modes. In this way we will try to respond throughout the article to the question that many readers are asking, is this Black Ops 4 worth it?

Before starting, it is important to emphasize that the analysis has been made with the version of PlayStation 4, so there may be some point that does not match the feelings that have had users of the PC version.

A multiplayer renewed but that retains the essence

The multiplayer has undoubtedly been the part that we liked most about Black Ops 4. The new mechanics proposed by Treyarch renew the multiplayer but retaining that essence that makes it so addictive. After two years, right from Black Ops 3, in which due to the product itself or to poor post-launch efforts, the online mode had not managed to become a great success. This new delivery makes us feel that feeling that we have lived for many years of wanting to play and play without stopping.

The great innovation of the way is undoubtedly the system of recovery of life. In this title will not be automatically regenerated as has always happened in the franchise, but we will have 150 life that we will have to recover with injections. The adaptation of this new mechanics to the COD game style is simply perfect and is that with this system players have more options and strategies.

Depending on our style of play we can manage the healing in the way we want. Some players when they are “touched” in a match will prefer to heal and wait while others will choose the option to attack and surprise their opponent. Anyway, this new mechanics brings something more complexity and depth to Call of Duty gameplay, something that is always good news and even more so when the implementation is so good that a classic player of the saga will adapt to the few hours of the game.

Another of the strengths of this multiplayer are the specialists. These characters do not involve any great innovation since this is the third game in the series in which they appear as such, but this time they have more depth. In addition to the unique ability of each one, to make us an idea an average player in a team duel game will unlock at most twice, the specialists have a secondary ability that we can use many times in the game but logically will have less power.

This ability will be activated from R1, so it replaces equipment such as grenades or tomahawks. This supposes two things, a greater depth of the specialists, as we have explained, and a smaller use of the equipment. It is a fact that in this installment we will see fewer grenades, a classic element of the saga and that perhaps some regret their loss. In our opinion, it is not a negative aspect since whoever wants to use them can do it and who does not because it has more variety than ever regarding alternatives.

Leaving aside the analysis of these two multiplayer mechanics and returning to what has been transmitted to us playing, Black Ops 4 has made us relive great sensations. The innovations introduced keep intact the essence “kill-die,” and the gameplay is more frenetic than ever.

Out of play, the game will have a total of eight different modes, Team Duel, All vs. All, Domain, Hot Spot, Search and Destroy, Confirmed Low, Control, and Hold. In addition to a total of 16 maps, Arsenal, Contraband, Frequency, Gridlock, Treasury, Icebreaker, Militia, Morocco, Payload, Seaside, Firing Range, Jungle, Slums, and Summit, of which the last four are remakes that will delight the most nostalgic fans.

To all that we would have to add a variety of weapons, gusts, advantages and the already classic system of prestige, which makes the multiplayer ensure hours and hours of fun to all lovers of the Call of Duty saga. If you are someone who has enjoyed the great games of the franchise and want to return that feeling so addictive, Black Ops 4 is your game.

Blackout, the first approach to Battle Royale

After a year in which Fortnite has dominated the market that has seldom been seen, Treyarch and Activision were forced to take a step forward and dare to develop the first Battle Royale of the saga. The result is Blackout, a way that shows that it is the developer’s first time but that the more we played, the more we liked.

The first thing to be clear is that Blackout is not Fortnite. The Black Ops 4 mode has different mechanics and a much more adult theme and setting. This is obvious with just watching a video, but it never hurts to make it clear.

In Blackout we will fall on a map with up to 100 players and the winner will be the last one to be alive. The first thing that catches the attention of the map is the presence of well-known locations in the community such as Nuketown Island, the Shooting Gallery where Firing Range is located or the Psychiatric that is the COD zombie map: World at War, Verrückt.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

But this is not the only nod to the previous installments of the saga, but the “skins” that we can choose are characters of earlier titles either zombies like Richthofen or campaign like Menéndez or Viktor Reznov. Some of these characters will be unlocked through the level and others through special missions.

Regarding the mechanics, we have to say that Blackout is a mode that in the first games will cost us to understand due to the good amount of objects that we will find. Of course, we have weapons and vehicles, but also accessories that we will have the option to place directly, ammunition, healing items, equipment, and advantages.

This last aspect next to the shield is one of the most important of all the way. The advantages of Blackout are like the classic ones that we have in the multiplayer but here we will find them on the map, and they will last a limited time.

Once we have taken them, they will be stored in our inventory, and when we want them, we can use them, as their name suggests, gain an advantage over our rivals. The way in which they are implemented is intuitive and works perfectly, something necessary because as we have said are one of the keys of the mode.

Undoubtedly what most disappointed us of this Blackout is the graphics aspect. While it is true that with a powerful PC we will not have this problem, the PlayStation 4 version is well below the expected of a great launch of 2018. Our parachute landing is an excellent example of a poor mode of graphics, which have hardly improved since the beta, and once we put our feet on the ground, we still have problems. The color palette is short, and the entire map is colored with a thin layer of brown tones, which further evidences the lack of graphics mode.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Treyarch must improve this for the next few months since a good product like Blackout cannot be damaged by something as basic as a graphical issue. Another improvement that would also be very appreciated is the fact that when the weapons are on the ground have a different color to the rest of objects to differentiate them better and even ammunition and healings are stored in our inventory automatically, and which is something obvious that we are going to want to take with us. These two small points would significantly improve a looting system that today is not entirely comfortable.

By way of conclusion, we have to say that the sensations that Blackout has left us are positive. The different objects are balanced, the good weapons are not difficult to find, and Treyarch has managed to adapt a “kill-dies” like Black Ops 4 to a much slower and tactical style like the Battle Royale.

We must remember that the mode has just come out and that in the future some aspects such as the challenges will be deepened and the developer will improve things according to the feedback of the community. In our opinion, certain areas of the map are somewhat empty, something that could be solved by introducing more playable elements in them or more players in the games.

As we said, Blackout is a first approach to the saga to Battle Royale that despite needing some improvements, gets hooked and gives much more depth to the multiplayer of Black Ops 4, something that can only leave us with a good taste in the mouth.

The greatest Zombies experience in history!

With this title, you could define what the zombies of this Black Ops 4 suppose. Treyarch has been put and in what way the batteries with its “brand of the house” mode and brings us more exit maps than ever in the history of the franchise.

The first thing to be clear is that zombies this year are divided into two parts, each of them with two maps. On the one hand, we have the History of Ether that is the continuation of the argument that began 10 years ago and that stars Ritchofen, Nikolai, Takeo, and Dempsey.

The two maps that this part has are The Blood of the Damned and Confidential, each one being a remake with additions of Mob of the Dead and Five. As it has been common since Black Ops 2, far from being that game mode with arcade dyes.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

The great potential of the zombies is their story which is told through the different Easter Eggs and in these maps we will continue the story arc of these four characters who continue to travel through different times and locations with the aim of completing Ritchofen’s plans, ending Dr. Monty and saving the children.

But on the other hand, we also have the History of Chaos one new story arc featuring four new characters, Diego, Scarlett, Stanton, and Bruno. This story places us in two different maps, Infernal Crossing that is basically the Titanic and IX that is a Coliseum of the Ancient Age. At the moment we know very little about her and her Easter Egg, as time goes by, people will discover new secrets and Treyarch will draw new maps, we will see if the story is up to the story arc of the Ether.

As for the mechanics of the mode itself, we find certain improvements. When creating the class we can create two, one for each story and within the options that give us, we can choose the four drinks that appear on the map, the four elixirs (old chewing gum) that we will use in the game, our equipment, and special and initial weapon and finally the talismans. These are some advantages that we will be unlocking and that for example, we can offer to start with an improved weapon in all the games.

As you can see the possibilities of customization in this Black Ops 4 are more in-depth than ever what on the one hand shows the great work of Treyarch and on the other tells us that if the developer has decided to offer us so many advantages is why the difficulty will require.

Other aspects that have also seemed remarkable are the possibility of playing with bots, something that was missing in other deliveries and Stampede mode, in which the seriousness of the zombies is diluted with a series of arcade mechanics.

In conclusion, the zombie mode of Black Ops 4 is the most complete in the history of the saga. Two stories and a gameplay that is still as addictive as always put the zombies of this delivery before the possibility of marking a before and after. Only time, the Easter Egg and the maps that will arrive in the future will decide if these are the best Zombies of the entire franchise.

Campaign mode is missing?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

This is the aspect that we have most regretted about all Black Ops 4. Treyarch and Activision have decided to eliminate the campaign of the game, and something quite criticized because it practically eliminates the offline options of the title. And it is also many who were fans of history told through the Black Ops, and it is a real pity that ends like this.

“In exchange” the developer has included the General Headquarters of the Specialists. In this mode, we will play missions that will help us master their skills and unlock a series of scenes that will tell us their story.

It is nothing compared to a campaign as such but it is entertaining and at least gives a reason to be, lore, the presence of specialists in the game something that is always appreciated.


It already sounds typical to say that Call of Duty has returned to the great throne of the online shooter and is that with the great offer that there is now in the market is very difficult to repeat what the saga did a few years ago.

What we can assure you is that if you enjoyed playing titles like Black Ops 2 or 3 or you are just someone who wants to play a frenetic and addictive multiplayer experience, Black Ops 4 is perfect for you. All this is bypassing the zombies, who will once again enjoy all the fans of the way and the Blackout, a first introduction of the saga to the Battle Royale that has surprised us and that bring a great depth and many more hours of game to the title.

We will see if in the future the decisions regarding the free content and that of the DLCs end up damaging the game, as has happened on previous occasions. But at the moment Treyarch and Activision can be proud because they have brought us a title that is truly worthwhile.

Review overview

Story & Missions7.7
Soundtrack & Effects8.8


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is easily the best CoD since Black Ops 3, making just enough changes to Multiplayer and Zombies to give either mode a new lease of life. The new Blackout mode has solid gunplay but needs polish in the graphics section. If you are a fan of the CoD multiplayer and zombies modes then the arrival of this release is your Birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.

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