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The Best Horror Movies on Netflix for Halloween 2018 | AIB

Netflix became one of the most watched streaming sites in the world, and it was to be expected given that it facilitates us to watch a movie comfortably. Also, our accomplice has been made when it comes to wanting to get an appointment, have a good time with our friends, parents, siblings, dog, cat, etc. or simply to get rid of boredom. And as the month of terror finally arrived, we are going to satisfy our desire to scare us.

Get ready because you’re about to read the best horror movies on Netflix

We recommend you bring your protective blanket of monsters and a kit of fried foods because you will not want to move a single finger with these films.

The Witch

Beloved by many, hated by others. The witch is a classic horror movie, where you do not expect to jump out of fright, but you will be dismayed by Thomasin who is our protagonist, since she tells you since her family leaves an extremely puritanical community until arriving at her new home located in a forest which is reputed to be cursed by the presence of witches.

The Visit


We can see our grandparents as the sweetest people in the world because they consent, they defend us from scolding and flying flip-flops, not to mention the love they give us. But what happens when you finally meet your grandparents and discover that at nightfall they start acting too weird. Immerse yourself in this story recorded by Becca and Tyler.

Insidious 1, 2 and 3

If what you want is to jump out of fright and learn a little more about life in the afterlife, the saga of The Night of the Devil is perfect for you, because James Wan has created us the horror movies of the moment, with its effects of sound and incredible stories and performances.

We recommend you to see them from the last to the first so that you can better understand how Elise decides to help rescue people from the world of the living who have accidentally gone to the dead.



If you have lost the Christmas spirit, I assure you that when you see this movie you will recover it unless you want to see how Krampus punishes you for not having it since, unlike the sweet Santa Claus, he takes to hell children who have behaved badly or who They have stopped believing.



If the mysterious Jack Torrance channel left you wanting more, you would love this movie. Well, it tells the story of a crime novelist who moves with his family to a house in which a murder occurred to be inspired but does not expect to find home movies that have a dark and macabre content.


It places us in Madrid in 1991, with the strange and paranormal case of a 15-year-old girl named Verónica who after playing the ouija during a solar eclipse her life is surrounded by nightmares and shadows that threaten the well-being of her younger siblings and her. It also has an incredible soundtrack.

Pet Sematary


This film is marvelously adapted to one of the great works of Stephen King that is also coming to premiere his remake. He tells the story of a family who discovers a pet cemetery near their new home which Rachel (the mother) does not see as well as death can affect their young children. It teaches us that when someone who we love dies, it is better to let them go because if we do it, returning is probably nothing more than an evil being.

We hope you have been very scared and we hope that Netflix will give us more content soon.

And you, what other horror movies on Netflix do you recommend?

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