Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Sony Announces PlayStation Classic Console With 20 Games | AIB

The SNES Mini or the Neo Geo Mini is just the beginning of retro gaming that comes back to life with retro games but with modern technology. Now Sony joins this madness and is working on the launch of the PlayStation Classic console, a miniature retro edition of the original PlayStation that will feature 20 pre-installed classic video games.

PlayStation Classic imitates the design of the original PlayStation, a console that debuted in 1994, although reducing its size, and will go on sale next December 3 in Europe, as reported by Sony through a statement.

PlayStation Classic is 45% smaller on the sides, and 80% in volume than the original console, and also mimics its design concerning the layout of the buttons, as well as the controls and the exterior package.

The new console comprises an HDMI cable to connect it to external displays such as TV monitors, and a USB cable that must be connected to a USB AC adapter (sold separately) to plug it into the network outlet. Besides, the ‘pack’ includes two controls for the cooperative game.

PlayStation Classic Console

The console will reach the preloaded market with 20 PlayStation video games, among which are Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash!, R4 RIDGE RACER TYPE 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. The company has warned that the final charged games may vary depending on the country.

Sony has announced that PlayStation Classic will go on sale next December 3 in Europe, North America, and Japan for a sale price of 99 euros. Also explained that it is an edition with limited units.

Now we are waiting for Nintendo move, as the Nintendo 64 Mini of the company should be announced shortly. The retro market is activating, and it seems that it is more lucrative than the current consoles and has a dedicated audience capable of paying what is asked for to enjoy the classic games again.

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