Tuesday, August 20, 2019

OnePlus to launch Smart TV, will compete with Xiaomi, Samsung | AIB

OnePlus, known for its high-performance smartphones at consistent prices, plans to enter the TV market soon with their Smart TV in a similar way. Founder and CEO Pete Lau assured Business Insider that they would launch OnePlus TV, possibly by 2019, with a focus on design, image quality, and sound.

“We believe that the current television market is still quite traditional in its functionality and experience,” said Lau. “And they have not really integrated the Internet well … making the experience coincide with what would be expected in today’s connected society.”

OnePlus Smart TV

Lau indicated that OnePlus TV would have the latest technologies, integration with the smartphone, artificial intelligence, and a simple and functional design. Though, he did not explain if they will use Alexa, Google Assistant or any other type of internal AI. There are also no certainties about the specifications, although they should have 4K HDR to keep up with even the basic models of Samsung, LG, TCL, and MI. But Lau said they would listen to the proposals and suggestions of the users about what should be included in their television.

At the moment there is nothing more official besides that they are working on it. Neither specs, nor features, nor appearance, nor a release date. The logical thing would be to see something in the coming months, with a possible release during 2019, but nothing confirmed about it. Lau said that since consumers buy TVs less often than smartphones, OnePlus would update its software continuously for at least five years after launch.

OnePlus Smart TV

Currently, OnePlus has settled in the market of smartphones with its own line of phones, which improve generation after generation and follow a regular cycle. It is true that not only have manufactured smartphones so far, but the rest of the products are always related to them. Headphones, cases, backpacks, chargers … everything has revolved around their phones.

Now is an ideal time to explore with other lines as the company sees. They indicate that televisions are a conventional consumer product and they seek to change this. A factor that allows them to compete with the other manufacturers? The price. The clearest example we have in Xiaomi with its Mi TV.

However, it looks like a brave move to jump into an industry with notoriously narrow margins and where other manufacturers are fleeing. It is also a delicate time for electronics manufacturers, as Trump threatens to increase tariffs on consumer electronics made in China.

More information will become available as we approach the release date, which Pete Lau says should be at some point next year.

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