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Spider-Man has had many video games over the years, but few have been able to raise eyes and stand out for their quality and good adaptation to the field of video games. After some years of absence after finishing the contract of the games produced by Activision, the arachnid hero returns with his eyes on the horizon towards more games, a new universe and above all, quality. Does Insomniac Games elevate the Marvel icon to the top?

Historically speaking, superhero games are not good, for the most part. The Spider-Man, for example, has suffered quite a lot over the years. Like any other fan, I wondered when we would get something that would do justice to the character, but now I can say, relieved, that the wait is finally over, thanks to Marvel’s Spider-Man. The new Insomniac Games game surpassed my already high expectations and proved one of the most loyal character experiences ever made – which only made me happier as a long-time fan, giving the same feeling as the classic comics. The hero gave me so many years ago.

The plot of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ follows the misadventures of Peter Parker eight years after he became the favorite hero of all New York. Gone are the days of high school and the university career to which fans are more accustomed: we follow closely a boy who wants to continue doing the right thing, but now from the adult point of view while moving towards a new stage of his life.

This chapter of their history is something different from what we are used to. We know Pete under the charge of a new mentor in the workplace who guides him to be better; We see that their interpersonal relationships are spoiled by the existence of Spider-Man, which is increasingly difficult to balance both identities. And everything goes downhill and without brakes when a new villain appears in the city after imprisoning Kingpin, Mister Negative, who starts a gang war that turns the streets of New York upside down.

Without going into details, we can tell you that the story is very well told, and it’s great to see certain characters evolve. The personalities are very well defined, with a Peter Parker always ready for the joke of turn, and the relationships between characters are very worked. Of course, do not expect a memorable story, because, as soon as you know the universe, you can see the vast majority of situations come.

We want to emphasize that it is a game that anyone can enjoy, but it is a game for Spider-Man fans. All the references you keep, the fan service of the best quality and, above all, how well you recreate the character is something that, the more you fan, the more you will enjoy.

Open World Game by Definition!

Spider-Man offers us the open-world game structure that we all know. High points that reveal the map to “conquer,” secondary missions, objectives to find things on the map and, how could it be otherwise, the primary missions of history.

Surely you have read that the game “lasts 20 hours”, and the truth is that, after playing it, we think it would be more appropriate to say that it can end in 20 hours, but it can also last many more. We advance you since Spider-Man is not unusually long, but doing it at 100 percent yes you can leave at 30 or 35 hours, depending on the level of difficulty.

It is a game that lends itself to doing everything since the optional content is very well measured. These tests or missions never last too long or become tedious, and in general, they are fun and varied. Yes, there are some that are repeated, but there are also others that are very original and elaborate, with final bosses and everything. To make matters worse, through them we unlock items to unlock costumes and improve our gadgets, so we have that extra incentive to complete them.

That variety also moves to the main ones, which are undoubtedly the stars of the game. Also, there are incredible moments, in which it seems to us that we are watching a movie instead of playing a game. Spider-Man shuffles successfully with combats, exploration of the city, puzzles, investigation, and infiltration, marking a rhythm that suits the experience well. It is true that he does not go too deeply into any of them, but thanks to this the adventure is always very grateful to play, very agile.

The most important thing, perhaps, is that control is a delight. The combat allows us to make authentic moves, being able to use all kinds of gadgets to combine them with our punches and spider webs, and electrocute enemies, throw them through the air, stick them to the walls or knock them out with different unique movements.

We also want to mention how well the displacement system is made. We could go into detail and tell you how to link the skills to move around New York as the real Spiderman, but until you have it in your hands and you catch the trick, you will not understand how satisfying it is. They can spend hours and hours and never get tired of swinging; It can not be made better playable or visually. Of course, all the skills of our protagonist, this one included, can be improved when leveling up.

Redefining – The Limits!

If we look, we will see in a particular way how the level of detail of some element in the distance changes, for example, the density of the city, the drawn distance, and the complexity of all the elements on the screen is, just, incredible for a console that was launched almost five years ago.

In PS4 Pro, where the cleanliness and definition of the image have left us speechless. Neither a sawtooth nor a 4K fuzzy element, something very remarkable to not run natively at that resolution. It also has HDR, whose implementation has not surprised us so much, but it does show up at certain times like in the explosions at night, for example.

The landscapes, the Spider-Man costume, some faces, the incredible number of animations and how well they are linked, how everything moves with ease at about 30 images per second that rarely fall … The truth is that technically few hits are you can put. The same in the sound section, with a soundtrack very accurate, with very epic themes, and impressive sound effects that fit perfectly.


For years, the Batman Arkham games were considered clear victors in the superhero genre, but now there is a new hero who takes over the throne. Marvel’s Spider-Man threw high thanks to a good story and wonderful atmosphere, but also thanks to the smooth gameplay. Both the web-crawling through New York and the battles, in which the player constantly adds new tricks to his arsenal, are of a high level. More references and wink spoil comic lovers to other famous figures than we have been able to count. With Spider-Man, Sony is once again adding an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 to its line-up, which deserves the ‘must-have’ designation.

All this without mentioning the extras, such as the multitude of unlockable alternative costumes and references to the original material. However, such as the little difficulty, some missions, and uninspired objectives and not too contained, but in general, it has left us very satisfied, because what does well does it so well that it eclipses those aspects that can be improved.

Marvel Spider-Man is not perfect, but it is possibly the best spiderman game and one of the best superhero games we can remember.

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Soundtrack & Effects9.8


With the strength, speed and proportional agility of a spider, Insomniac brings back the most beloved superhero with a game that does not invent the web, but that excels in everything that is proposed. Marvel's Spider-Man review is Spidey's high-flying, the updated version of the Batman Arkham games, which means it's tons of fun to play.

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