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‘Johnny English Strikes Again’: Mr. Bean Does James Bond | AIB

Johnny English Strikes Again is the third installment of the Johnny English comic saga directed by David Kerr and has the cast of Rowan Atkinson, Ben Miller, Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson, and Jake Lacy. The film’s screenplay was written by William Davies and produced by Rowan Atkinson, who reprises his role as the title character.

In this part, we find that Johnny is now “retired” from the life of espionage and is dedicated to being a teacher in a renowned school (at least in appearance because he is really secretly training his students to be “mini-spies”). This new adventure begins when a cyber attack reveals the identity of all the secret agents of MI7, making Johnny English the only hope of the secret service.

Johnny English Strikes Again

Fresh out of retirement, English is immersed in the action with the mission of finding the responsible hacker. As a man of few analogical skills and methods, Johnny English must overcome the challenges of modern technology to make this mission a success.

David Kerr debuts on the big screen with this story written by William Davies and basically, he gives a movie with a television rhythm. The action does not stop and the situations of comedy are presented and they take advantage in their majority with success; it’s not that they surprise, because we know that if Atkinson is there he will do his thing.

Johnny English Strikes Again

The only thing we notice is that although his traditional style is tending to the physical action comedy, which falls by the size of his clumsiness, this time the stunts are those who apply to that. The script by William Davies takes good points of English humor and relies on them without being too “local” in a quick reading and this makes the film fun for all audiences.

The plot of this short film (just over 80 minutes), set in different locations (England, South of France, Scotland …), is predictable and manages many cliches of humor in the context of spies with a couple of agents, female spy, and megalomaniac, but it is entertaining, balanced in action.


Atkinson is still in shape, the gags that depend solely on his bodily expression again make those who fell in love with the performer laugh in the series that made him an international icon.

The always delivered Emma Thompson, the magnetism of Olga Kurylenko and the direction of David Kerr, manage to endow the title with a certain integrity nonexistent in the previous deliveries, but the feeling that we have already laughed at all this before (and higher) continues to be the real protagonist throughout the entire film.

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Johnny English Strikes Again is a perfectly enjoyable and hilarious, if eventually exhausting and unmemorable action-comedy. You get exactly what you expect here. Overall, you know what you're expecting with this film. It has non-stop slapstick humor, most of which land. A little bit more weight and space between humor would have improved film dramatically and made the comedy more memorable.

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