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Huawei Kirin 980 is World’s First Chipset Based on 7nm Process | AIB

Huawei Consumer Business Group India has unveiled the Kirin 980, a technological wonder that will bring excellent performance, the best smartphone photography & videography experience, the most advanced mobile AI experience and excellent connectivity anytime, anywhere to customers. This new chipset is the world’s first commercial SoC manufactured with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Company’s (TSMC) 7nm process that produces the best-in-class performance, efficiency, connectivity features, and Dual NPU AI processing power.

The world’s most Powerful and Intelligent, AI Chipset to be commercially available by Q4 in India on Huawei devices. The performance-heavy chipset will provide a level of gaming, photography, and videography to consumers never experienced before in the industry. The chipset is available on Huawei devices for customers before 2018 ends. Compared to the past generation 10nm process, the 7nm process carries 6.9 billion transistors in the same form factor as its predecessor, while achieving 20% enhanced performance and 40% more efficiency.

The launch of the Kirin 980 signifies another step towards an age of truly intelligent smartphones. While the Kirin 970 was the first SoC that came with a dedicated AI processor, the Kirin 980 is the industry’s first mobile SoC to be provided with two neural processing units (NPUs). The Dual-NPU setup yields greater AI processing power, which permits developers to build even richer AI experiences without having to lean on the cloud.

Mr. Brody Ji, Senior Product Director, Huawei Consumer Business Group, said, “At Huawei, we want to build an elite mobile ecosystem and offer products that not only give distinctive user experience but also improve the way consumer connects with each other. Being a guide in AI with last year, we are excited to launch the Kirin 980 armed with the industry’s first dual NPU, one of industry’s first. The Kirin 980 has been composed as an all-around powerhouse that emphasizes not only outstanding AI capabilities but also delivers cutting-edge raw performance to consumers.”

He further added, “By strengthening the core technologies of chips and the cloud, Huawei is focused on delivering the user experiences that illustrate the future of smartphone in the smart era.”

Innovations to Empower Consumers!

A smartphone is the symbol of modern lifestyle and consumers across the world including India demand for a fluid, responsive experience. In response to the order, Huawei combined the Cortex-A76 and Mali-G76—two new debuts that were never before seen in any SoCs—into the Kirin 980. The new A76 cores feature much-improved performance and efficiency, up by 75% and 58% respectively.

Huawei also amplified the new Kirin CPU subsystem based on the multi-core architecture to improve the SoC’s performance and efficiency further. Focused on giving an ultimate performance, the Mali-G76 set within Kirin 980 delivers 46% more graphics processing power and 178% better power efficiency as opposed to previous generations.

Powering a New Era of AI!

The launch of Kirin 980 depicts another breakthrough in technology innovation. With Dual-NPU, the Kirin 980 advances the On-Device AI experience with higher processing power and intelligence.

Leveraging the robust Dual-NPU On-Device AI processing capability, Kirin 980 gives an even more exquisite, real-time user experience in fields such as facial recognition, object recognition, object detection, image segmentation, AI translation, and more. Kirin 980 can identify up to 4,500 images per minute, which is a 120% increase from its predecessor and higher than the industry average. Kirin 980 also supports multi-person motion prediction, which correctly reads the motion of human subjects at up 30fps and can rig their 3D model in real time.

Kirin 980 also features an innovative AI clock boosting tech which can effectively recognize the performance bottlenecks by reading the frame rate, frame time, user input and processor workload, and adapt accordingly in real time. The technology works exceptionally well with games, compared with the traditional way of foresight, it works 30% better than traditional solutions in predicting the resource utilization of games.

Exceptional Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere!

Kirin 980 is the world’s first SoC to have a modem that supports LTE Category 21 (which supports a downlink of 1.4Gbps). Additionally, the Kirin 980 supports carrier aggregation, even across frequency bands, so users are free to pick their mobile operators and still enjoy the same premium connectivity experience.

Moreover, the Kirin 980 is equipped with the Hi1103 Wi-Fi module, which is the world’s fastest Wi-Fi chipset and also world’s first to support a maximum download speed of 1.7GBPS. To give the best GPS experience, it supports the industry-leading dual-frequency (L1 and L5) GPS for ultra-precise positioning, providing 10 times greater accuracy, enabling the device to deliver excellent location services. This solution works across all scenarios, from urban homes to highways to the countryside.

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