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Darkness Matters – How Light Affects Your Sleep | AIB

There are many people who at the time of going to sleep and being able to fall asleep need some extra help such as television or radio. This practice is entirely discouraged by doctors because it causes various diseases and disorders or disorders at bedtime.

In addition to this, the light sources are also in daylight, and many people sleep next to a mobile phone or tablet that they later leave on the nightstand. It is less and less unusual to see someone who lies down looking at the mobile phone without taking into account that it is something harmful to health, causing problems such as diabetes or depression in the future.

Both children and adults get in bed answering WhatsApp or looking at the Internet without taking into account a large amount of light they give off. That is why it is almost mandatory to sleep without any light in the room and leave electronic devices as far away as possible from the bed.

Sleeping with Light Modifies Sleep!


According to experts lying down in the dark and get up the next day with the light from outside is ideal. It is perfect to get up fully rested and with enough energy to be able to perform all day. The problem is that today it is tough to sleep completely in the dark, either by the standby light on the television or by the little light on the mobile’s notifications. This amount of light in the room causes the amount of melatonin in the body to be altered, causing severe sleeping problems.

Even if all the lights in the room are turned off, the eyes have been exposed for a long time to backlighting either of the mobile or the television. The level of melatonin is still altering and does not let you sleep as well as it should. Experts say that the amount of melatonin by almost 25%, so it is normal that the person fails to sleep peacefully and it is difficult for them to sleep.

Side Effects of Sleeping with the Light!


It is scientifically proven that those people who sleep with some light in the room, whether due to cell phones, tablets or television, can develop diseases as important as depression or obesity. While you are sleeping the television light can depress the mood. The next day you will feel more decayed and with a depressive point to consider.

People who sleep with an electronic device near the bed that radiates some light, are much more likely to develop a disease such as diabetes or excess weight. The metabolism is altered in excess and can get to slow down considerably which causes an increase in fat and essential weight.

If you usually watch television before going to bed or going to bed with your mobile phone, it is advisable that you stop doing it from now on. Leave these devices outside the room and sleep with the room completely dark. The body will thank you, and you will be able to sleep much better and without any problem.

When sleeping fully, the body rests on what it needs, and the next day the person gets up with the energy necessary to face the day without any problem. Unfortunately, there are more and more people who sleep with light in the room without realizing the risks to their health.

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