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Gender Equity: A Need for Respect and Healing? | AIB

The action of granting rights and duties equally to human beings regardless of whether he or she is a man or a woman is known for gender equity, seeking that there be no difference in the use of goods and services offered by both the state and the private entities.

To better understand the term it is necessary to separate the two words that comprise it. The concept of equity is based on the application of equality, impartiality, and justice to achieve a balance in society, while gender is the term used for the grouping that is given to human beings within groups that share certain biological characteristics, which are included between men and women.

Gender Equality!

In the history of humanity has been observed as there has always been a very remarkable preference towards men over women, but as thoughts and society as such have evolved began with certain social movements in search of equality among all human beings regardless of gender, placing men and women equally before laws, rights and job opportunities.

This seeks to eliminate the preferences that were used to have towards men in the labor and social spheres so that women could enjoy all those benefits equally.

Previously they were rewarded in a smaller amount to the women for doing the same work with the same conditions as those of a man just because they are of a different gender, which little by little was changing due to the social revolution that could be observed. Just a few decades on the part of the females.

How is it Possible for Gender Equity to be Maintained?

In order to sustain everything that gender equity implies, there must be two situations that are fundamental and concrete for it to exist, which are firstly the creation of conditions that allow respect for what is established within the framework of equity, and eventually the ease and equality of opportunities for both sexes.

Therefore, this term implies that there is equality of opportunity in all senses for both men and women, whether in the personal, social, or labor.

According to what is established in the laws of most of the countries that practice these activities, it can be observed how both sexes can be expected to have due justice, which will be taken into account according to the needs of each individual, and even though these may have some variations, always seek to favor people as equitably as possible.

In order to achieve the existence of this type of laws, there had to be a great social demand in which millions of people were involved demanding what rightfully belongs to them, which is the opportunity to be someone important in this life, and not because of the simple fact of being a woman, or disabled of any kind, can not access these options.

After a great period of demands and the states have decided to give and grant what was so requested and can even observe a large number of laws that protect these people, such as gender violence, economic aid, among others, which were strictly developed to improve the lifestyle of these people without the need to depend on another.

Gender Equity at the International Level!

Gender equity today is of vital importance in society and is that even the Organization of the United Nations have decreed in universal human rights that these should be practiced by all countries that conform as a basis for their legislation.

In most of the regions, laws have even been created that favor women in many aspects, the action mentioned above was taken after so much abuse that they suffered previously in the workplace, so they have better opportunities in the political, and regarding the education that is offered to them.

Difference Between Gender Equity and Gender Equality!

Gender equality refers to understanding that women, men or disabled are all equal, although each one has different needs. Therefore certain aspects must be taken into account when carrying out certain activities applied to them, while gender equity emphasizes providing the same job opportunities to each in a society regardless of the gender it has.

When it comes to implementing gender equity, it is necessary for the whole society to work together, and for the state to be in charge of inculcating the individuals involved, as their attitudes must be so that it can be carried out, although it is also necessary that equality be practiced, and solidarity so that there can be freedom, dignity, respect, and empathy.

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