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Tips to Help Lower your Cancer Risk | AIB

Cancer seems an endless scourge in our society, there are many people who die every year because of this unpredictable disease. There are changes in life that can be made to prevent cancer and that nobody wants to hear the dreaded words: ‘You have cancer.’ There is not a 100% guarantee that you will never have cancer, but there is research that shows how making some changes in lifestyle can help prevent this dreaded disease.

Changes you need in your Lifestyle

The three main causes that cause cancer are tobacco smoke, excess weight, and overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. If you want to prevent cancer you will have to start applying these changes in your daily life.

Moderation as part of your Daily Life

Cancer Risk

Everything in life must be moderate to find a balance in your life. Healthy eating is important, but so is exercise, reducing stress, reducing alcohol consumption and weight control. You can eat too much fruit or reduce too many essential carbohydrates or not give enough protein to your body.

Your body asks for what you need, maybe it will ask for chocolate and if so, eat it! But do not eat wholly. Your body needs energy so it listens to your body to make intelligent decisions. Even if you change the chocolate for a piece of fruit, it will be much better.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Cancer Risk

Your body needs nutrients and vitamins to function, the best way to get it is by eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Whole natural foods, the fresher they are the better. It seems that at present that hesitate to eat fresh foods is not always possible, so it is better to eat foods rich in vitamins than to take a multivitamin chemical complex.

Artificial sources of vitamins should not be your only source of vitamin and nutrition. A healthy person should eat in such a way that they do not need to take additional vitamins. Think about the exercise you do and the stress you have on a daily basis because with a correct diet you are likely to find yourself in better mood and energy to feel better inside and out. Food with natural vegetables and homemade food should be your daily priority.

Stay Active

Cancer Risk

A sedentary life is the best friend of cancer so you must start moving and have a healthy life in movement. You do not need to become a marathon runner to put your body back on the ‘healthy’ list, you just have to start moving more than you are doing now.

This is even more important for people who have already been diagnosed with cancer and are in treatment. Movement and fresh air are beneficial for a better recovery and enhance the health of the sick person. Sometimes you just need to walk or ride a bicycle. If you do not move you will have problems in your blood circulation, your energy level will decrease or your immune system will be harmed.

Strengthen your Body

Cancer Risk

To have a healthy mind you must also have a healthy body, and vice versa! This is built through a good diet, reduce stress and increase exercise. These are the three keys to prevent cancer and have a much healthier life.

You may have heard of the case of someone who died of cancer and was the healthiest person in the world, this can be demotivating because it really can happen. But it is rare and it is not an excuse for not leading a healthy and healthy life. There is no magical prevention plan to fight against cancer, but living a healthy lifestyle is not negotiable since it will help to have a stronger body to defend against cancer.

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