Friday, September 20, 2019

The Oscars Add New Category to Honor Popular Films | AIB

The Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences announced some news for the Oscar Awards, highlighting that they have decided to add a new category that will award the most popular movie.

The new category called “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film” will be added to the existing 24 and although it has not yet detailed the rules to choose the nominees has already caused controversy because some consider that commercial cinema is belittled and others believe that cheapens the important awards ceremony.

The Academy also announced other changes to the ceremony, which is that the previous installment recorded a significant drop in the audience and now it is intended to improve the pace of the transmission so that viewers are not lost.

For this, a new format similar to the Tony Awards will be used, which will last three hours, and only the main categories will be presented live, while the rest of the winners will be shown in previously edited blocks during advertising breaks.

The 91st edition of the Academy Awards will be held on February 24, 2019, while the 92nd edition will have a date change since it will be held on Sunday, February 9, 2020.

We know that the world of cinema is immense and every time we have more options to watch movies, talk about it or do it, but we must be clear that the commercial should not be fighting with quality.

So all these changes have the objective of winning viewers, with everything and the controversy of the category to the most popular movie that could give an Oscar to those of Marvel or Mission Impossible: Fallout.

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