Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jumanji 3 will be Closer to the Sequel than the Original | AIB

Although the film starring Dwayne Johnson Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle had a good reception at the box office, it did not reach very deep among the most nostalgic fans for not including any references to the original film. However, that seems to be changing with the future Jumanji 3, because this time there will be more reference to the first Jumanji movie that Robin Williams starred in 1995.

The director Jake Kasdan confirmed exclusively for Slash Film that the third installment of Jumanji will have a connection with the two previous films since it will also be the continuation of Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle. “We hope to maintain a long continuity throughout the process, we love the idea of ​​keeping all of this together and connected in one way or another,” commented the filmmaker.

Despite what might seem at first, Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle is a sequel and not a reboot (something already announced by Dwayne Johnson himself at the time), which even comes to pay tribute to the character of Alan Parrish who played Robin Williams in the first installment of the saga.

At the moment details related to the plot of Jumanji 3 unknown, as well as if it will end up recovering the legendary board game of the original film. In a time when table games are once again the order of the day (especially within the geek community), it would be appropriate to return to the idea of ​​the board game for the new sequel (and, in passing, do even more reference to the original movie).

The sequel of Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle with Dwayne Johnson will arrive at Christmas 2019, remember that ‘Jumanji 2’ premiered in December 2017 and the date came in handy.

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