Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Google Maps now Zooms out to a Globe instead of a flat Earth | AIB

Google’s latest update for Google Maps had finally resolved the inconsistency in the sizes of the geographical areas that showed when the user was far enough away from the map and also the Earth will no longer be displayed as a flat surface but as a globe.

The problem derived from the attempt to represent the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface now has been solved thanks to the fact that the company began to show from this past week the map in the form of a globe instead of the flat map.

The company notes that with the update, Greenland, which has an area of ​​2,166 million square kilometers, is no longer the size of Africa, which has an area of ​​30.37 million square kilometers.

The effect of a similarity in the size of both surfaces was due to the use of a two-dimensional map that compensated for the circular shape of the Earth so that the size of the countries were stretched and shown with different proportions than the real ones.

The new update is reaching all users who use the desktop version of a location platform, regardless of the browser you visit the Google Maps site, it is not known exactly when it will be the same in the iOS and Android application, thanks to the global Web GL standard.

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