Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Crystal Dynamics Opens New Studio for ‘Avengers Project’ | AIB

Crystal Dynamics has become one of the studios of the moment thanks to its work in the reboot of ‘Tomb Raider’ (although its trajectory is more extensive). This has led them to grow a lot and, as a result, a multiplication in their numbers has originated. Now, this has been resolved with the creation of a new studio called Crystal Northwest that will feature the participation of great veterans in the development of video games.

First Challenge: Avengers Project

The new partition of Crystal Dynamics will be located in Seattle, specifically in the city of Bellevue, where the new team of the developer will be responsible, among other things, to take forward the ‘ Avengers Project,’ the title that Square Enix prepares with Marvel and of which hardly any details are known. For the formation of Northwest, new members from other well-known studios and with a proven track record within the video game industry have been recruited.

Among the most prominent names of Crystal Northwest are Chad Queen and James Loe, from Microsoft Game Studios (‘Project Spark’, ‘Dungeon Siege’); Vincent Napoli, who comes from working with Santa Monica on the new ‘God of War’ and David Fifield, who has worked at 343 Industries and Raven Software as design director and game director respectively. All of them will be responsible for giving life to the ‘Avengers Project,’ the first exclusive work they will have to face since its inception.

Scott Amos and Ron Rosenberg, visible heads and managers of Crystal Dynamics, have welcomed the new additions and have been commissioned to present the creation of the Northwest satellite studio officially. Both believe in the abilities of the people who make up the team and are confident that they will offer an Avengers experience that is up to what the fans of these superheroes expect.

Details on the project are currently unknown, though it will likely be the first of many Marvel games for Square Enix and is rumored to be a reboot of Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance. Stay tuned to aindiablog for the latest news on Avengers Project!

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