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Black Ops 4 Beta Trailer Reveals Blackout Battle Royale Gameplay | AIB

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ will receive a private beta on August 3 exclusively for PS4, and then the following weekend for PC and Xbox One, but for all those who have reserved the game. For this case, Activision has released a new trailer where you can see everything that we can enjoy in this beta, and it seems that they have not wanted to leave anything despite being just a demonstration.

During these days, we can test 10 specialists, 6 different maps, and 6 multiplayer modes. The truth is that never before had this type of betas such a large content, so it seems that Treyarch is not going to skimp on resources to show everything that comes with his new game.

While in this trailer, we have also seen some new features, such as the specialist that will be accompanied by a dog, another that uses mines traps, new weapons or even stitches, which are much more devastating, something that had been requested from the gamers for several deliveries.

Zombies Mode

Of course, the famous and beloved Zombie mode could not be left out of Black Ops 4, and now as part of that focus in the multiplayer, we will have three maps with different stories and characters, with brutal arguments such as battles in the Roman Colosseum or a ship from the 20s.

The first experience will be set in the Roman Coliseum, where we will fight against hordes of zombies that have the possibility to mutate. And the second will take place on a ship from the 20s, which will be known as “Voyage of Despair”. While the third will be called ‘Blood of the Dead’, which will likewise aim to survive the attack of the most powerful and wild zombies we have ever seen.

Blackout – Battle Royale

But no doubt the big surprise is at the end of the trailer, where Treyarch has left a bit of what will be a Battle Royal, Blackout. In just 15 seconds it has been possible to see the soldiers cooperating from a helicopter, in cars or quads. You could also look at some areas of the map that remind a lot of classic route of the saga, such as Nuketown.

For those of you who have reserved the game, in September you can also enjoy a private beta to see how this Battle Royal mode will be, which Activision has promised to be the biggest and most vertiginous of the genre. We leave you with the trailer in question.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be available on October 12 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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