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Android P: Name, Features, and Release Date | AIB

Google has released the official name that will carry the next version of its mobile operating system. Android P will now be known as Android Pie, continuing the tradition of putting dessert names to different versions.

Android Pie comes with artificial intelligence as its most important pillar, but with another series of features that will also be well received by all its users. Here we detail the most important.

A customized version

The goal of Android Pie is to make the device more intelligent. To achieve this, it will analyze the usage patterns, and from that, it will adapt to our needs. One of the most innovative features is the Adaptive Battery, where the system can identify which applications are most used to prioritize the use of the battery in them. For its part, Adaptive Brightness will know how to configure the brightness of the screen in different situations without our intervention.

The actions of the application now offer more possibilities thanks to the study of the current situation. This version of Android will be able to predict what the next thing we want to do depending on the context in which we are, so we will see quick functions on the screen that will save us valuable time. Slices are added to this feature, which will offer us more information about our applications once we enter their name in the search engine.

Easy gestures

Google has paid special attention to improving the interactions of certain functions. Android Pie arrives with a new navigation system between applications that can be accessed by sliding up the bar that is at the bottom. This same bar will allow us to go to the start or move to the previous/next application.

Another procedure that benefits are the selection of text. Smart Text Selection recognizes the selected text and offers functions that may be relevant to the user, including its use in the latest applications that we have used. Access to quick adjustments, taking and editing screenshots, volume controls and a more efficient way of managing notifications, among others, have also been redesigned.

Measure your use with the device

Google joins the companies that provide information on the daily use of its services and products. Android Pie will offer a new dashboard with information about the time we spend using the device and its different applications. In this, setting time limits for each app will be possible. The do not disturb mode will allow you to block all kinds of interruptions on the screen, not just calls and text messages.

More secure

In an age where users are increasingly concerned about the security of their information, Android Pie promises significant improvements in everything related to the care of personal data, not only on the software side but also on the hardware side.

Android Pie does not yet have a specific launch date, but it will arrive in the third quarter of the year, so obviously in the coming weeks, we will have more information about it. If you own Google Pixel, in the next few hours you will receive the notification that will allow you to update to the new operating system.

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