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10 Inventions That Can Help Reduce Our Impact On Planet Earth | AIB

The Planet asks us to evolve towards a more sustainable model of life, in which a more reasonable use of natural resources is carried out while we move towards new technologies. Therefore, we must seek alternatives to conventional products to satisfy an increasing consumer society. Below, we show you 10 inventions for a more sustainable world.

1. Electric Vehicles

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For a few years, electric mobility has been booming. If we live near work or the places we tend to frequent, using an electric bicycle or an electric scooter is a perfect option. With these vehicles we not only arrive before the sites, but we also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere.

2. Ceilings and Vertical Gardens

Although they have always existed, green roofs and vertical gardens are currently used as a solution to revegetate cities, grow food (urban gardens) and reduce environmental pollution. Thanks to this architectural proposal, energy savings are also achieved in buildings, by stabilizing the temperature of the rooms.

3. 3D Printers

They have been around for a while, but every year new functions for 3D printers are discovered. We can replicate almost anything we want and allow us to use fewer resources, increase the useful life of the products, generate fewer plastics or reduce the use of polluting elements, among other advantages.

Noteworthy are the mobile 3D printers, capable of building low-emission housing and energy self-supply. An example is a house that the company Apis Cor built, which, in just 24 hours, created a house of 38 m 2 with a total expenditure of less than € 10,000.

4. Transparent Solar Panels

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Some companies have created smart windows capable of converting solar energy into electricity. Thanks to these windows, we can help buildings in our cities to become “neutral buildings” regarding the source of energy they consume.

In addition, the US company Solar Window has created a liquid coating composed of chemical elements that form organic photovoltaic cells and that can be applied to almost any surface, such as windows.

5. Drones

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The drones have come to us to stay. These unmanned flying devices are becoming an essential element to perform all kinds of tasks, some of them aimed at achieving greater sustainability.

Examples of this are the drones that are used to clean air pollution in cities and those that can provide real-time images of agricultural land or facilities without the need to use polluting vehicles. In addition, Japanese researchers are currently developing drones inspired by bees, whose role will be to end the global problem of pollination caused by the decline of wild bees.

6. Smart Home Control

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A Smart Home Control is part of what is known as home automation, that is, the set of techniques applied to the control and intelligent automation of the home. The lighting, air conditioning or our comfort in general, is managed in an efficient way through a “user-system” relationship. With this system, we can maintain control of our energy consumption and thus, make it easier to save.

7. Edible Water Bubbles

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Using plastic bottles to drink water can be a thing of the past. A team of engineers in London has developed edible water bubbles called Ooho !. These bubbles are filled with drinking water and covered with a film made of natural seaweed extract.

The company, Skipping Rocks Lab, aims to replace plastic packaging with this biodegradable material and, thus, fight against the growing generation of waste on a global scale.

8. Portable Wind Turbines

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The portable wind turbine is not an invention, however, the company ‘Create Your Energy’ has lately been working on a new prototype of portable and retractable wind turbines that seek to supply electricity to motorhomes, caravans and small boats.

9. The “Cloud”

Reduce impact on earth

Storage in the “cloud” is already known to everyone. When we use our computer or smartphone we can store our docs, calendar, images and other data on the internet.

With this type of storage, our homes and businesses have replaced the use of paper and electronic storage devices, thus reducing the use of natural resources and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

10. Pollution Collectors

Reduce impact on earth

Smog-free Project by Studio Roosegaarde (Holland), built in 2015, a receiver capable of consuming pollutants suspended in the air at a nanometric scale. The project has had such an impact that it has entered China, where these purifying towers strive to achieve an improvement in the air quality of a country that already contaminated.

If you know of more amazing creations that could benefit the environment, let us know in the comment section.

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