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Texting Tips for a Healthy Spine: Preventing ‘Text Neck’ | AIB

The text-neck syndrome is a relatively new condition and consists of an inadequate posture of the body because of the Smartphone or the Tablet. Many people spend hours and hours every day looking at the phone without realizing how harmful it can be for the neck or neck area.

This syndrome affects especially children and adolescents because they are literally hooked on everything that surrounds new technologies. If you want to know more about this syndrome, do not lose detail and take note of the following article, because it may be a syndrome that you have and you had not noticed until now.

Text Neck

What does the text-neck syndrome consist of?

The continued use of new electronic devices such as smartphones is causing many people to suffer misalignment of the vertebrae of the spine. Apart from that, this syndrome will cause intense headaches and discomfort in the neck or back, and even it may cause arthritis among other conditions.

Tips to avoid the text-neck syndrome

If you want to avoid such syndrome, it is advisable to limit the use of the smartphone and not to exceed it. Then I show you a series of tips that will help you avoid such syndrome.

  • First of all is to establish a certain time to use the mobile or other electronic devices. Some studies indicate that children spend an average of 5 hours using their mobile phone or tablet.
  • Experts in the field strongly discourage the use of mobile phones in a prolonged way since this causes severe problems in the neck. That is why the advisable when using any electronic device is about 10 minutes in a row.
  • Another tip that will help you avoid the text neck syndrome is to keep the screen at eye level and thus prevent the neck making a greater effort. It is quite common to see people with their heads down looking at the phone and putting the strength of the neck to the limit.
  • There is a series of physical exercises that propose a good body posture. It is advisable to practice some pilates and yoga because this way you will realize the importance of avoiding the neck and back to keep the cervicals in excellent condition.
  • It is essential to lead a life as active as possible as many people spend hours and hours in front of the mobile or the Tablet without moving the least. Usually, people suffering from text neck syndrome tend to develop different types of diseases such as obesity or diabetes.
  • If you notice that your back or neck hurt a lot, you can go to a physio that helps you improve the condition of the cervical. You can also go to the doctor to treat you in the best way possible and prescribe a series of anti-inflammatories to help alleviate these pains.

Unfortunately, nowadays, more and more people suffer from this syndrome and need help from a specialist to help them treat such problems in the neck. It is not right to spend hours 0f hours in front of the mobile screen. Abusing the use of electronic devices leads to numerous physical problems that affect the neck and back area.

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