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IT Producers Reviving Another Childhood Nightmare ‘Chucky’ | AIB

After several attempts, MGM finally lands the reboot of the 1988 horror classic, Child’s Play (Chucky), and sets it up with high priority. The project will be produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, the producers behind IT (2017) and directed by Lars Klevberg, according to reports.

The Norwegian filmmaker Klevberg wrote and directed the “Polaroid” horror film (completed in 2017), which has had problems to be released, after being affected by the controversy of Harvey Weinstein that led The Weinstein Co. to face the bankruptcy. This led to the film losing its date in the calendar and remain unknown in its release.

Now we know that he will remain in the ranks of Dimension Films, the subsidiary of TWC and producer of Klevberg’s film, but its premiere remains to materialize. “Polaroid” is based on the short film of the same name of 2015 by Klevberg, winner of the Jury Prize at the International Fantastic Film Festival of Torremolinos.

The reboot of Chucky, on the other hand, is scheduled to start filming next September in Vancouver, Canada. The script of the new version is ready written by Tyler Burton Smith, who has been responsible for the development of video games and the script of Kung Fury and its sequel. His collaborator in the latter, Aaron Schmidt will serve as executive producer of the remake.


We still do not have details about the plot or notable changes in the plot. However, the source explains that the new version is a contemporary reboot that will involve a group of children and a diabolical doll (Chucky) with technological advances that intrudes on his world.

The original film, directed by Tom Holland and co-produced by Don Mancini, follows serial killer Charles Lee Ray ( Brad Dourif ), who after being wounded by police officers, uses voodoo to transfer his soul to a doll named Chucky. Little did he know that little Andy (Alex Vincent) would receive the doll as a birthday present. But in Charles’s bad ways, nothing will stop them, and he will continue with the killings like Chucky. For a long time, it has been speculated that Mancini relied on a true story to create one of the most famous horror franchises, consisting of seven films.

The cast yet to be confirmed. In parallel, Mancini develops a television series based on this saga. Recently confirmed the plans for the arrival of Chucky to the small screen.

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