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Instagram Updates 2018: Everything You Need to Know | AIB

When it comes to Instagram updates, we sometimes get a great new feature (if we’re lucky) and many small ones. New stickers, new camera effects, things that matter absolutely and that can help us accelerate our marketing game, but nothing necessarily overwhelming.

But for the last two months starting from the end of May, we have four significant new updates that will have a big impact on how we’re marketing on Instagram. Each one is significant, from news about the algorithm to the much commented IGTV (yes, that’s Instagram TV!). Let’s have a look:


Instagram Updates

IGTV is a new independent application that can be accessed alone or from Instagram. It was launched last week and allows content creators to upload videos of up to an hour and share them on this platform.

This application will prioritize long-form video content that is vertical and full-screen, like a much longer story. Because it integrates with Instagram, its followers can receive notifications about their new videos, and their video content will be displayed in their IGTV feed.

As soon as users open the application, a video will start playing, like when you turn on a real TV. Users will be automatically shown the content that Instagram believes would interest them, and the platform will infer that they use a combination of interest and content targets from the pages they file.

If you want to change the channel or find specific content, you can scroll up to discover more options, including specific “channels” (that’s how I’m calling them), showing content only to the people you follow. , currently, popular and personalized content based on interests or content that you have already been viewing.

It’s also important: when users follow a creator on Instagram, they can see and see their entire IGTV channel. This will give interested users (and new users) an uninterrupted stream of long-term content that you have created.

2. Instagram algorithm information

Instagram Updates

The algorithm of Instagram has puzzled both sellers and brands since its launch, changing the strictly chronological feed to show the “prioritized” publications of the users. While we do not exactly have a formula for this new algorithm, we have a new vision of how it works and what factors are most important.

First, Instagram clarified why it was so important that the algorithm was created in the first place. According to Instagram, users lacked 70% of all publications and about 50% of their friends’ publications (no brand). They claim that the change allowed users to see 90% of their friends’ posts, which in turn increased the time spent on the application.

That’s mostly due to the fact that users are now seeing content that is more relevant to them. Instagram has also shared that there are three main factors that most strongly affect the locations of algorithms.

These are:

  • The user’s interest in content like yours
  • Recent of its publication, with more recent posts taking precedence over the oldest
  • The relationship of the user with the person who shares the content; If they interact with a large amount of their content, they are more likely to see it move further.

Do you want to take advantage of this information to move forward? This is exactly what this algorithm means:

The techniques of commitment construction on the platform are essential. Get more likes and comments to show Instagram that your content is of high quality. The more users interact with your content, the more likely they will see it move forward. This means more potential participation and more users, and everything is a great upward spiral. Time still matters. New publications are given a bump on older ones, so try to find the best publication times and see which ones produce the best results.

3. @mention Sharing for stories

Instagram Updates

UGC stories have always been welcome because they can reach a broad audience and @mention stickers can help boost brand awareness and traffic to your profile. The UGC stories have instantly become more valuable with the new @mention sharing for Stories feature.

This update allows you to share someone else’s story with a tap of the button if they have used a mention tag on yours. Users can mention it in a public story, and you will see the blue “Add this to your story” message on top of the image that will be sent to you via a private message.

You will immediately have a copy of that story as an image similar to a sticker. You can move it, resize it and even tilt it. Draw on it, add text and more. For most of these Stories, I like to add a context that shows that the content comes from a customer and tag it on it. For good measure, you can use an @mention tag, even if you hide it behind the main image.

4. Affordable labels extended to stories

Instagram Updates

Affordable labels are an excellent feature that allows qualified business profiles to tag the products in their images and videos, which makes shopping an easy and quick task for customers. These tags have now been extended to Stories, which now has an estimated 300 million daily users (and very committed).

When users see a label that can be stopped in a story, they will see an icon for a shopping bag, a product image, and a “See details” note. By clicking, this will take you to the product page, which will include the price and description.

At this moment, this function is still in the testing phase and is only available for some renowned brands, so we even do not have much information or a tutorial. Again, this offers excellent potential for businesses, and hopefully, it will be accessible soon, so stay alert.

Final thoughts

Instagram Updates

It’s not common to have these big updates happening all in the span of a month (Facebook’s latest security updates aside, because we all know it’s been a big whirlwind), but I’m not complaining.

Each of these features offers immediate new functionality for brands trying to take full advantage of Instagram marketing, and understanding the algorithm update is also a great advantage.

Can you share content in new ways and have a better understanding of how it will be displayed to users? It’s a great month of updates.

What do you think? What new update is your favorite? How much value do you believe IGTV will give marketers? Do you think the users will be on board? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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