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Why DesignEvo Is the Easiest Logo Design Solution | AIB

Recently, I discovered a new tool for making a logo for the company, blog, business brand, etc. It’s DesignEvo. If you are looking for the perfect tool to create a processional logo for your business or blog, keep reading on to learn more about DesignEvo.

What I’m going to show you in this article?

1. What is DesignEvo?
2. What makes DesignEvo different from all the other logo makers?
3. How DesignEvo can help you and your business
4. Pricing details

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online tool for non-designers who are looking to create appearing logo for their brand, website, blog, or business. This tool is developed by PearlMountain Limited, who had been studying graphic design software since 2006. Even DesignEvo was released last year, and it is still a fantastic tool.

First of all, DesignEvo offers over 1,000,000 vector icons and 5000+ templates and hundreds of fonts. Besides the email, you can log in DesignEvo app with your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

DesignEvo literally has a ton of great features, so let’s jump right onto its highlighted features.

What makes DesignEvo different from all the other logo makers?

It’s super easy!

PearlMountain’s developers make the interface simple and straightforward. Even you are the first time to visit its app; you will know what to do next. This is just the primary reason I use it and talk about it to you all.

Over 1,000,000 vector icons

As I mention it before, DesignEvo offers more than one million vector icons for you to search and use. With those icons, you can resize it to any size and won’t lose the high-quality.

5000+ pre-made templates

With the 5000+ pre-made templates, DesignEvo makes you more productive and hugely time-saving. You can just choose the template and make some edits and save your logo. If you want to start a logo from scratch, those stunning templates will definitely inspire you.

Flexible with a ton of great features

It makes DesignEvo more flexible with the tons of great features like color, flip, effect, resize, etc. to icon and shape, font, size, color, effect, style, curve, spacing and others to text, transparent, solid, gradient color to background, set the logo size and many other features. What I love most is its text curve feature. I can curve my text from line to circle at will.

How DesignEvo can help you and your business?

A stunning logo always gives customers a profound and unforgettable visual impact. If you get a stunning logo for your business or blog, you will be remembered even at first sight. Here I’ll begin to list some of the many ways DesignEvo can help your business, hobby or blog.

  • Easily make a superb company logo for your brand.
  • Make a profile logo perfect for your social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, G+, and others.
  • Make a stunning logo for your website or blog to attract more visitors and customers.
  • If you are a developer, you can just use it to create a unique logo for your app and software.
  • As a store or cloth brand, it will help you design a logo on the packages, bags, etc.

The ways can be more and more as you can imagine. I just mention some of them here. All in one, DesignEvo will help you spend less time creating your logos.

Pricing Details


DesignEvo is basically free of charge. With the free package, you can create your logo and save it as a smaller image. Besides, it offers the free users the options to save 6 logos under their account for further editing. If you love a bigger size, you need to pay some money. Here you can see the detailed pricing.

I want to say it’s fairly brilliant. If you prefer mobile version, just check here: For Mac users, just go ahead here:

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