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The Characteristics of an Effective Team Leader | AIB

A team leader is – to put it martially – the link between the general and the ground forces. He or she makes sure that the team blends well and there are no frictions. But what exactly makes a good team leader? Which competencies should he/she bring – or develop? So many decisive competent is gladly overlooked.

Team Leader: What tasks do they have?

The Team Leader Position: For many, the first job with leadership responsibility. Team leaders usually lead smaller teams, are subordinate to the department manager and can be found in almost every industry.

Team Leader

A team leader …

  • are targets before
  • delegates tasks within the team and coordinates
  • motivates the team members
  • promotes them
  • conducts team meetings
  • mediates in conflicts within the team
  • transports the values ​​of the company

What makes a good team leader? Assertiveness, empathy, expertise, inventiveness, a sense of responsibility, to name a few. In addition, the following four abilities they need:


Team Leader

What is fairness? Treating everyone same. Because: If, as a team leader, you mistreat one employee, it will affect your entire team.

A study, published in the 2014 Journal of Applied Psychology, illustrates which toxic effects can be poorly managed. Thus, if a team leader makes fun of or humiliates individual employees, he often throws the entire team into conflict.

The employees would mimic the behavior- and behave as irreverently with each other because it is no longer just about individual victims, but about creating an environment in which everyone suffers, regardless of whether he is bullied or not.

The members of the team would henceforth be characterized by hostility and rude manners – and by falling performances. A lose-lose situation.


Team Leader

To mock a team leader as a grief box would do him wrong. Nevertheless, he/she, of course, carry out the function of caretaker. In times of increasing virtual collaboration, this becomes increasingly difficult. A team leader who can only be reached by e-mail, messenger, mobile phone or other technical aids causes problems: power struggles, confusion, communication difficulties.

Recommendation: If your team is made up entirely of remote forces, make sure the team leader sits where the majority of the team is or that all without exception work in the home office.

A good team leader shines through physical presence. So he/she remains responsive, can directly take care of the concerns of his team and is respected as a leader.


Team Leader

Age does not protect against folly – and is indeed not a recruitment requirement for a team leader. Having older leader may bring benefits because he or she seems to be better able to eradicate indiscipline within the team, and in the long run, this could be reflected in the team success.

After all, team leaders are often junior staff, but experience, integrity, and discipline can help – regardless of age.


A leader is expected to produce workable and new ideas. Creativity is becoming more and more critical, not only in the startups of this world. Even the “simple” employee has increasingly expected a creative streak.

The key to leadership qualities is self-confidence that has a trickle-down effect. Confidence makes you more creative, more productive and, in turn, colors the entire team. On the other hand, if the team leader does not exult in self-confidence, the confidence of the team members in and their abilities also decreases.

However, personal relationships between team leaders and members are also important: trust, loyalty and mutual respect.

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