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Why The Crew 2 is a Racing Game Like No Other | AIB

In the last ten years, we have been presented with a mountain of racing games. In most cases, it is possible to race around closed circuits and show your racing skills there. In recent years, however, we have also seen a clear subgenre. You can race in a massive open world and take part in various races while you drive around. We see it at Need for Speed, it is in Forza Horizon, and Burnout has done it. The scale in which The Crew 2 does, however, is of a different level. In The Crew 2, the racing scene in the United States.

And yes, that was also the case in the first part, but The Crew 2 is a lot more impressive. In this second part, you can also use the water next to the car and the different nature areas to race with boats, and even the airspace can be used to compete with airplanes for the first place.

The Crew 2 is just racing

The Crew 1 was impressive because of its size, but if you were to tear with a few fast cars, the game was as good as unplayable. You slipped in all directions, and the sense of control was as good as absent.

In The Crew 2, that problem seems to have been resolved. The handling of the various cars has been improved and will give an excellent sense of speed, which is like a player will not fell losing control. Even with a high speed, you can steer very lightly.

Boats and aircraft add something

The moment The Crew 2 was unveiled, and it was clear that the game would be equipped with boats and airplanes, it honestly felt like a cheap trick although I had the idea that they have an excellent added value.

The races with these vehicles feel entirely different, and the whole makes for a nice change. Just like the cars, these vehicles are also outstanding to drive, and you always have a tight sense of control.

Free roaming is fun by being able to change quickly

Although it is possible from the beginning to randomly to matches in The Crew 2 to warp (you do not have to play points of interest first), it pays to drive around freely. It is also very convenient to switch between different types of vehicles at any time.

For example, when you start with an airplane, you fly above the water, press the button to become a boat and see: you tear across the water. Then you can quickly switch to the plane again and then transfer to your car above the asphalt. That way it is nice and smooth driving around. Moreover, there is plenty to discover in the area, such as certain upgrades.

Loot makes you better

You can find these upgrades in the form of loot. In addition to being able to see them in the world, you also get them when you complete races and meet the goals of that race. They are upgrades to your existing car.

You make your car better with it, and you also get special bonuses as special loot. Think of more money for the moments when you complete races or an intro tank that fills up faster.

You decide what you are going to do!

Where in the first The Crew gave you a mandatory story and where you had to discover the world around you to participate in races, The Crew 2 is all about freedom. You determine what you do yourself.

Although there are four types of races, namely boat, plane, street race and off-road race, you do not have to do everything. If it turns out that flying is not your thing, then you skip that aspect, and you focus on the other races.

The Crew 2 will be released on June 29 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you buy the game through the Ubisoft Store, you can start working on it three days earlier.

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