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‘Incredibles 2’ Review: Pixar’s Superhero Family Is Back | AIB

Fourteen years after the first film The Incredibles, the film industry has surrendered to two mainstream and overwhelming courses: the superhero movies and the overexploitation of franchises employing prequels, sequels, spin-offs, and reboots.

So, when a sequel to an emblematic title like this one is announced, it makes you want to tremble. Is it an armed robbery at the expense of our precious memories or will it be worth it? Fortunately, Brad Bird has waited to have a script solid enough to shoot The Incredibles 2, and it is a real pleasure to be able to tell that he has not made a mistake and he has done it very, very well.

Incredibles 2

For many years, The Incredibles was one of the best superhero films that had hit the charts, and it was a family-owned film recognized as one of the crown jewels for the Pixar production company. It was the year 2004, and the film was exciting for many reasons: it was stimulating visually, it raised a balance between drama, comedy, and action very well weighted and, incidentally, characters that would become mythical like the great Edna Moda or the little Jack-Jack. The best part is how well it has withstood the passage of time.

Is The Incredibles 2 more of the same? Well no less bad. While in ‘The Incredibles’ the plot centered on Mr. Incredible, in ‘The Incredibles 2’ it pays more attention to his alter ego, Bob Parr, and his role as a father. Elastigirl will be who this time spend more time in fighting evil and living exciting adventures, while her husband is responsible for the most daily tasks such as assisting his teenage daughter Dash with homework and keeping an eye on unleashed Jack-Jack, who will begin to develop his superpowers.

Incredibles 2

The film not only extends the world that surrounds the characters but also explores new borders of the Parr family. This story set immediately after the events of the first delivery, and that serves as a kind of replica of the mold of the first part.

As for the story, once the heroes face a threat left by the previous film (“The Underground”), the Parr are exposed to the world, which keeps the supers in a condition of illegality. Stripped of the support they received in the first installment, thanks to the relocation program, now the Incredibles are left with nothing until a new light of hope emerges.

Incredibles 2

A pair of pro-superhero billionaire brothers offers them an opportunity to get the favor of public opinion in order to make the use of coats and masks again legal but of the matter is that, as studies indicate that Mr. Incredible generates more destructions, the chosen one is Helen, reason why Elastigirl becomes the best letter to carry out actions that incline the balance in his favor.

Incredibles 2

The new main villain, called Screenslaver, has powerful lines of dialogue and complex motivations that make it a much more exciting antagonist than Syndrome. Again, there is an excellent balance between the action with spy-splash action that reminds James Bond so much, the personal and family drama of the protagonists and the most ingenious gags, which contribute to relaxing the atmosphere after the emotional intensity of sequences more complex.

This is perhaps the only downside that can be put to the film: the children’s audience will not understand certain dialogues and, above all, some moments that adults will immediately identify with. Despite being a movie with many characters in the field, everyone gets their chance to shine during the two hours, including in this consideration not only all members of the family such as Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack but even other supers that join the fiction displaying their remarkable abilities.


The Incredibles 2 does justice to its predecessor. The new and fresh formula worked better and it separated from its origins and turns it into a mature, different story; and to a certain extent, politics. It’s fun, entertaining, and above all, Incredible!

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The best superhero movie so far this year: The incredible 2 is more than a solvent sequel, has much to contribute so that the 14 years of waiting have been worth it.

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