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Apple WWDC 2018 Key Announcements and Highlights | AIB

Apple has presented a handful of software updates and updates that will arrive over the next few months to their devices, as seen in the opening keynote of the developer conference WWDC 2018 that has been held at the San McEnery Center José (California, United States).

“Today we will only talk about software,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, as soon as he took the stage. From there he underlined that there are already 20 million developers for Apple platforms worldwide, an impressive figure for a relatively new ecosystem although significantly below the 26 million registered users on GitHub, the collaborative development platform that Microsoft has bought for 7,500 million dollars.

Craig Federighi, responsible for software at Apple, highlighted during the first minutes of the conference that 81% of active iOS devices use the latest version (so far) available. iOS 11, a figure that leaves Android numbers far behind, where only 6% of the devices have been updated to the latest available version of the operating system. Of course, Apple plays a significant advantage: the total number of devices that work under iOS is far from the figures that are handled in the Android universe.

Here are the few things that Apple has presented at WWDC 2018

iOS 12

The new version of Apple’s operating system will work even with devices like the iPhone 5S, introduced in September 2013, which means five years of official updates for a smartphone, something unlikely in the competition.

The company also argues that the increase in speed level will be especially significant in older devices such as the iPhone 6S (2015), with performance higher by up to 40%.

This update will make devices consume energy in a more “smart” way: the processor will accelerate faster to respond to user actions and reduce its speed as soon as possible to save battery effectively.

Contents of Virtual reality

Apple has joined Pixar to create a universal augmented reality (USDZ) file format. Companies like Adobe are already adopting this format on their Creative Cloud platform, which includes programs such as Photoshop and Dimension.

Once iOS 12 is released in the fall, the augmented reality content can be shared in USDZ format in apps like Safari, Messages, and Mail, being able to manage as if it were a normal file.

ARKit 2

The update of the platform offers a better facial tracking, a more realistic rendering and support for the detection of 3D objects.

One of the most important developments in this regard has to do with the support of shared experiences in ARKit, that is, Apple incorporates the possibility of enjoying augmented reality through several devices at the same time: that will allow you to play with your friends online in games and apps that use augmented reality.

With ARKit 2, Apple will transform your iPhone into a powerful virtual tape measure with an attractive new application

The Measure app does exactly what you imagine: it helps you take measurements of real-world objects. The good thing is that it is much more than a simple rule: use your iPhone’s camera to make accurate readings, allowing you to visualize the width, length, and height of any object simply by looking at the screen.

FaceTime integrates into Messaging and will offer support for group video calls with up to 32 people simultaneously

It sounds crazy, but Apple has thought of an intelligent solution: the picture gets bigger when a person takes the floor.

And what about Siri?

Apple takes an important step in its personal assistant, which from now on will have shortcuts: that will allow realizing concrete actions through different apps. For example, if you ask for coffee every day in the same place Siri will suggest on the iPhone home screen to place the order with a simple touch.

Through the new shortcuts, you can establish rules for Siri: the assistant will learn, for example, what information should show when you tell him that you want to go surfing. And not only that but Apple’s personal assistant also takes into account the context: if it detects that you are late for a meeting, it suggests sending a message that you will not arrive on time.

Apple will implement a handful of tools and functions with the aim of reducing your addiction to mobile

Federighi explained during the WWDC 2018 conference that there are several apps that “distract too much” users. And for that reason ─ also requested by some investors of the company─ the new version of iOS will incorporate some new features:

  • The screen will be dark during the night, so the phone will not light up completely when receiving a notification but will be black.
  • Simplification of the management of notifications to limit the screen flooding of messages.
  • To make it even easier, notifications will be grouped by app and subject.
  • Each week you will have access to a report that will explain how you use your phone: in which apps you spend your time and how many times you take the smartphone every hour.
  • With Screentime, you can limit the time you can devote to a particular application. The phone will notify you before reaching the limit and, once it has been exceeded, a message will appear on the entire screen (which you can ignore).

“We believe it will be very useful for people, but also for children,” said Federighi, who stressed that parents can review how their children use electronic devices, being available for both iPhone and iPad.

macOS (10.14) Mojave Announced with Dark Mode

“The new version of macOS is inspired by professional users but designed for everyone,” sums up Tim Cook. And those words have been based on the first novelty presented by Apple: Dark Mode, which obscures the interface not only of the dock but also of the native apps.

Apple has also presented the next version of its app development tool, Xcode 10, which will also be compatible with this dark mode.

Another novelty of the novelties of macOS has to do with the management of the privacy: now the users will have more options and warnings to have always clear how their personal data are used.

Safari, Apple’s browser, by default block comment boxes that many platforms use to track users and even use advanced techniques to trick sites that cross different data in order to identify users.

Federighi spent a lot of time on this inaugural conference WWDC 2018 to explain why they are not going to completely merge iOS and macOS: Apple is developing a system that will allow taking iOS apps to macOS in a process that will begin in 2019.

watchOS 5

Smart watches from Apple will be able to automatically identify which physical exercise the user performs so that they will begin to record data without the user having to activate it manually.

In addition, the new version of WatchOS incorporates a function that will allow speaking with other users of Apple Watch using the device as if it were a walkie-talkie.

On the other hand, Apple has confirmed that the Podcasts application will be available in (finally) Apple Watch.

And of course … new animojis and memojis!

The animojis are now able to follow the movements of your language in all the characters, including the new ones: ghost, koala, tiger, and T-Rex.

Of course, the animojis will now have a tough competition: the memojis are personalized animojis based on your appearance (according to the settings manually), with a wide range of customization possibilities.

The animojis, filters, and stickers are now integrated into FaceTime, being able to use them indiscriminately on the iPhone, on an iPad or on any Mac.

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