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Sleep Hygiene: Healthy Sleep Habits For Better Rest | AIB

A dream is a necessary act so that the person carries a correct daily activity and maintains its energy, balance in its corporal temperature and cerebral development. Therefore, nowadays, it can be affirmed, in opposition to previous ideas, that a dream is an active event since the organism continues to function.

Sleep hygiene means watching for one’s rest. Having an adequate environment to sleep helps to rest and avoids insomnia. At bedtime, it is convenient to do it in an orderly, quiet and without much clutter. One must feel comfortable and dedicate the necessary hours to achieve a sufficient rest.

The pace of life is frantic and can influence the subsequent rest. Probably the emotional wear is so high that sleep cannot be repaired and the mind does not stop working. In such complex situations, it is convenient to find the reason and try to prevent or eradicate it.

Sleep Hygiene

To achieve a pleasant daily life routine and beneficial nighttime relax, here are some tips.

  • Go to sleep at a reasonable hour. If it is possible, it is advisable to have the most accurate schedule habits, not only at bedtime and within the hygiene of sleep, also at meals, when exercising …
  • Rest on an appropriate mattress and pillow. If you have any type of back condition, it is recommended to consult a specialist.
  • Have light in its proper measure. The indicated thing is a dark room or very dim light.
  • Maintain a pleasant temperature, around 20 degrees.
  • No noise, no distractions. It is discouraged to have audiovisual equipment in the place of rest or bedroom, as they can alter and distract.
  • Avoid worries or unfinished tasks. Try to leave everything solved before going to bed or as a pending task for the next day.
  • Do not eat dinner copiously, do not eat anything that contains alcohol or caffeine. However, it is discouraged to go to bed whether you have not eaten or drank something. That need will not allow adequate rest. Drinking hot milk promotes sleep.
  • Take some infusion of herbs like valerian, can help relax.
  • Perform moderate exercise during the day and hours before going to bed, so as not to be overexcited to bed. Stroll during the day.
  • Practice relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. Listening to melodies or sounds of waterfalls, rain, birds … can calm certain people and help them fall asleep.
  • Avoid long naps during the day, is one of the key points in sleep hygiene.
  • Have good eating habits, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water.
  • Get up if you wake up early in the morning like at 6 or 7, do not force the situation. Surely the next night he will sleep better.
  • Perform a ritual of tasks before going to sleep, such as showering, brushing teeth, putting on pajamas.
  • Taking a bath before going to sleep can make the disconnection and tranquility in a nervous person.
  • Change rooms if after almost 30 minutes you can not get to sleep. Some boring or non-exciting activity can be done.

Sleep Hygiene

With problems in our mind, our emotional state suffers and does not allow us to sleep calmly or easily. We must try to put fears and concerns aside and respect our hours of rest, our body will thank us. If you have headaches, leg cramps, irregular breathing … or if you are afraid for health and you can not sleep, you should go to a healthcare professional.

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We can conclude that the lack of sleep or a poor sleep negatively affect the individual in his day to day and in the tasks he has to perform. It is important to give place to the points that make up the process of sleep hygiene. Control the useful aspects for a better rest, will allow stable results in the health in general. A tired person can be unstable and even unreliable for people or in carrying out professional activities that are demanded.

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