Sunday, August 25, 2019

Facebook Says It’s Removing ‘Trending’ Feature | AIB

Today, Facebook has announced that they are removing Trending news feature from the platform that’s remained to the right of the desktop News Feed for the last four years to help users to discover current issues.

The elimination of this feature occurs after years of criticism about the way in which Facebook chose the news that occupied the trends. Also, many of them were put in doubt after controversies such as the rise of the fake news. According to the statement of the social network, the decision seeks the reliability of the news that is distributed through its platform.

R.I.P. Trending Topics: 2014-2018

Concerning the withdrawal of the trending topics feature, Facebook has seen that since its launch in 2014 has not had the expected success, given its limited availability and limited traffic that has generated the publications of the editors of news.

Facebook has realized, after research, that users consume news from their platform mainly from mobile devices and also using more and more news videos. That is why both the featured topics section and the third-party integrations and products dependent on the Trend API will be closed next week.

Trending Feature

Instead, Facebook will boost the consumption of news on its platform through other channels. For this, the company is testing the Breaking News label, a new indicator that publishers will incorporate into their publications in their news walls. This test is being carried out in North America, South America, Europe, India, and Australia, involving some 80 publishing companies for the possibility of offering breaking news notifications.

The date for Trending Topics to be removed is Thursday, June 7

It will also launch the ‘Today’ In the section, which will connect people with the latest and most important news from local publishers in the city itself, including news from official organizations and local organizations. And finally, perhaps for the moment, is News Video in Watch, a section that will soon arrive in the United States to follow live coverage, as well as daily news and exclusive weekly reports.

It seems clear that Facebook tries to find useful tools for users to keep them informed of what interests them without having to resort to other tools to be informed.

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