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Captain Marvel Can Move Planets in the MCU | AIB

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the importance that Carol Danvers will have in “Avengers 4”, the disgust that it will mean for the superhero team, and how that will change the tables in the confrontation against Thanos.

Throughout this last decade, the power of the characters of the UCM has been growing and growing, to the point that Marvel already directs his gaze towards the galaxy for the next years. However, Captain Marvel will be a character with a completely different scale of power, something never seen on the big screen.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson has been filming “Captain Marvel” for several weeks, and although the fans have exceptionally shown her support, for an actress like her, such a role remains surreal. It does not feel like it’s happening to me, she confessed in her statements.

The unreal part of this is like it’s happening to someone else. However, when it comes to acting, the work is the same, with the only difference of the size of the team of people on the set. “It’s about how far I can go to reprogram my head and reprogram my body to learn something new about myself.”

Brie Larson

For Larson, the role has been a challenge not only because of what surrounds her but because of the importance he has within the UCM. This has been an incredible challenge, and she can move planets, reveals concerning the power of Captain Marvel. “How far can I go with this strength?”

This heroine can do something so huge is not surprising considering that Thanos decided in a moment of “Avengers: Infinity War” to cast a full moon on the heroes who fought on Titan. If Nick Fury ended up depositing the defense and hope of humanity in her, it is because her level of power is above any other being on Earth.

During all these years he has been roaming the space, but now that duty calls, there is no doubt that she will give the fans some of the most impressive scenes of the last decade.

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