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Top 5 Football Movies Inspired by True Stories | AIB

The World Cup is just around the corner, 32 nations will face each other to take the best team where powers like Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, Argentina will seek to become the World Champion of this competition to be held in Russia.

Apart from a massive fan following, football has also influenced directors to make movies in the sports genre. Football is an emotional game, and it often has been said that if a movie can make you laugh, cry or inspired, then it will be successful.

The cinema has not let this sport pass by and has adapted different stories based on football, so in AIndiaBlog the task was done so that they have a top of the best movies based on football.

5. Screaming and Kicking

Will Ferrell is a big football fan, so he is a manager of the Los Angeles Club in MLS where the Mexican player Carlos Vela plays.

In 2005 premiered screaming and kicking a funny comedy where Will has to train a group of children who have been left without a coach, so he must take the reins and do everything possible so that the team where your child plays becomes in the winner of the tournament, in addition to showing his father that he can beat him, since he trains the classic rival who always wins.

4. Goal

Starring the Mexican actor Kuno Becker and premiered in 2005 is the story of Santiago Munez, a young man who emigrated illegally with his family to the United States from a very young age. He devotes himself to gardening and works washing dishes for a restaurant. Of week football in a team with his friends, is observed by Glen, an Englishman who is visiting the United States, which will get him a test to try to enter Newcastle United Club of the first division in England, to which Santiago makes many efforts to travel there.

This film was made in collaboration with FIFA, and different real first division teams are shown, there are cameos of football stars like Raúl or David Beckham, this story will be entertaining for the fans of this sport. In 2007 a second part was premiered where Santiago plays for one of the best teams in the world Real Madrid.

3. Mike Bassett: England Manager

Starring Ricky Tomlinson, England Manager is a fake documentary type comedy where Mike Bassett is a coach of a small Norwich City team and is chosen to coach the England national team shortly after the current coach died a victim of cardiac arrest. Mike is confident that he can do a good job, but he will realize that this charge is not easy, he will go through different adversities, and he will make many mistakes on the way to the World Cup, strange alignments, call errors, boring matches, a risk of miss the world cup. This film will remind you of the coach of the national team of Mexico, Juan Carlos Osorio.

2. Escape to Victory

A story where nothing more and nothing less than the King of soccer Pele and ex-football players like Bobby Moore, Paul Van Himst among others and accompanied by actors of the likes of Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone and Max Von Sydow that is about a group of prisoners in a Nazi camp during the Second World War. During this film a German general visits this prison camp and when they see that they are playing soccer, he remembers that he practiced this sport and decides to organize a match between the representative team of Germany against these prisoners.

In this film we see the Brazilian star Pelé take his best moves, flying with a Chilean, Michael Caine be in defense and Sylvester Stallone in the goal. As a curious fact, this story is inspired by a real event that was called the deathmatch where ex-players of the Ukrainian club Dynamo Kiev faced the best German team of that time, despite receiving death threats in case of winning the Ukrainian side, these were victors passing over their rival, as a result, the players of Dinamo were tortured and put in camps for prisoners.

1. Green Street: Hooligans

A film that is based on the theme of Hooliganism in England football specifically in the followers of West Ham United in how they live their passion game by game for their team and in its extreme form in how they defend the colors of this squad.

A different perspective of what football looks like since it is not only how the players see it on the pitch, it is here from the vision of the fan and the importance given to rivalries with the fans of other teams.

Starring Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam, tells the story of the young Matt Buckner who is expelled from Harvard which leads him to travel to London to visit his sister, where he meets Pete Dunham brother-in-law of his sister, Pete takes him to a game football where he presents how the fans of West Ham United prepare to live a football game in England .

And this is the end of this top soccer fan on the occasion of the imminent start of the World Cup. What is your favorite?

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