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Tips on How to Control Nerves and Calm Your Mind | AIB

Losing our nerves is something that can happen to us in different situations, which in any case will always be negative since we lose our ability to think and act normally. For that reason, we will try to give you some tips through which we will help you learn how to control nerves in any situation in which you find yourself.

At present we have to face a lot of obligations and situations in which we may have the feeling that we do not have all the knowledge or skills necessary to leave with good results, this means, at the time of the that we have to face them, automatically start losing control of our nerves, which possibly will act in a negative way for us.

A very common example is when we have to do an exam, and we feel that we have not prepared at all, or we have studied a lot, and we think we are doing well, but for some reason, we are still afraid as we have put our trust in achieving good results. Another common enough reason to lose nerves is, for example, facing a job interview, and in general, we can find many options in which our level of stress and anxiety increase and the problem of nervous control occurs.

In short, there are many reasons why we can find ourselves in a similar situation, so we must act with the aim of satisfying our needs and above all, learn to focus and avoid the lack of control of the nerves with what we will obtain better results.

Tricks to learn how to control nerves

Although there are different reasons why we can find with difficulty to control the nerves, there are some standard tricks that we can use in any situation, so that we are going to summarize them with the objective, next time when you see in this situation, automatically start reviewing all of them and you can establish a greater control that allows you to carry out any process without this nervous limitation.

1. Be clear that having nerves is normal

The first advice that we can give you is that you have completely clear that nerves are something completely normal and natural, that is, all the people who are going to face the same interview, exam or stressful situation in which you are, also they will be loaded with nerves, so you must be very clear that the court or the people in front of you will know that you are in this kind of tension.

You should not be afraid at any moment to recognize that you are nervous, since many times that is what helps us to free ourselves a little bit, and although it is not the recipe that will help us 100% to get rid of stress and nerves, the fact to share it with other people is a trick that works quite well.

2. Downplay the situation

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that there is no type of situation that is decisive or definitive for our career or future, so we should not give more importance to the situation than it has.

If we do not pass the exam this time, we will be able to approve it later, in the same way, that if this interview does not go well, we should not get upset with it either, but we will have other opportunities to do it better. It is not that they are not important moments in our life, but we must be clear that they are not decisive, so we are going to have many more opportunities ahead in our life, so it is not worth giving it more importance than it has.

3. Get used to prepare yourself well and trust your abilities

It is not the same to go to an exam without having studied absolutely nothing that we have prepared thoroughly beforehand. So that, if we have acquired the necessary knowledge to be able to get a good grade, the last thing we should do is to think that everything will come out bad since there are many more chances that we get a good result and get to achieve our goal.

4. Practice the situation that you have to face

Another interesting trick is, before facing the situation, better to practice it a bit in our house, since that can give us security and help us to follow the proper steps once we are at the right time. Of course, in this practice we should try to find all those alternatives that help us feel good about ourselves, focusing on the process that we have to carry out and imagining for a moment that we are facing that court or in that situation in which we have to give everything.

This step is part of the awareness and will help us feel more secure when facing reality since we will have considered all the possibilities that can be given. But yes, if there is any other that we had not predicted, the only thing we have to do is face it with complete peace of mind and without feeling that by not having practiced it we got out of control. Practice will serve us to be able to calm down when confronted with anything that comes our way.

5. A proper diet, exercise and adequate rest can be very beneficial

It is also essential that you keep in mind that a proper diet, the practice of physical exercise, an adequate rest to be beneficial for us since it will help us to temper the nerves and above all to have higher security in ourselves. Remember that if we have not studied throughout the year, spending the last night without sleeping and drinking caffeine will not serve us absolutely at all. So it is necessary that we be honest with ourselves and face reality, and the reality tells us that going tired to an exam is not going to help us achieve good results. Regardless of what we have studied, we will have many more possibilities if we go to the test rested and well fed.

Food, rest and physical exercise are not things of the last day before dealing with the situation since these things do not have a miraculous effect. It means that we will have to change our eating habits and start opting for a healthier life, which will gradually help us to better temper the nerves in any situation in which we find ourselves.

6. Try to change your focus and look for fun!

Finally, we also have another advice that we consider very useful is to remove seriousness to the matter, as we have already mentioned in a previous section, but this time the technique would be to approach it with a different perspective that would be to enjoy the situation.

It may be the perfect time to try to improve ourselves and to see the situation with different eyes with those that rarely have occurred to us to see this type of situation, that is, with a smile, with a lot of encouragement and of course trying to take a good positive side of the situation.

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