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Kevin Feige Confirms ‘Plans’ for Ms. Marvel After Captain Marvel | AIB

The production of the highly anticipated film ‘Captain Marvel’ is already underway. The superheroine Brie Larson will arrive just two months before the premiere of ‘Avengers 4.’ Marvel has promised that it will be more important to their Universe than the very ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ But Kevin Feige is a man who always looks to the future, and is already thinking what will come after ‘Captain Marvel.’

Kevin Feige

In a recent interview, the President of Marvel Studios revealed that Carol Danvers would not be the only superhero who will be presented in the face of Phase 4, because there is a young woman who is also waiting to join the UCM. “Right now we’re doing ‘Captain Marvel.’ Brie Larson is already filming the movie, and Ms. Marvel is definitely in the process of being prepared.”

“Miss Marvel, the Muslim superheroine who is inspired by Captain Marvel is another great character in the comics, and we have great plans for her once we have introduced Carol Danvers to the world,” he added bluntly. The young woman Feige refers to is actually Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American who joined the Marvel comics in 2014.

Kamala Khan can alter the molecules of the body to take the shape she wants, including lengthening limbs, reducing and amplifying her size whenever she wants. The young woman takes the inspiration from Carol Danvers herself, who after being named ‘Captain Marvel’ leaves behind her old nickname of Ms. Marvel, which will be used by Khan to fight against evil.

At the moment the plot of ‘Captain Marvel’ is unknown, which will hit theaters on March 8, 2019. But rumors suggest that it could include the plot of ‘Secret Invasion,’ presenting the Skrulls within the Marvel Universe.

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