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Deadpool 2 Review: Feels Like Just Another Superhero Movie | AIB

The Sequels usually have a double challenge to fulfill, first to surpass its prequel so much in quality as in originality, and to find its personality within a saga. In both things “Deadpool 2” fails, a film that since it was announced had a great skepticism on the part of the fans, and that tried to repeat the phenomenon of Tim Miller. This time the action scene expert David Leitch was in charge of trying to introduce Mercenary Bocazas into a group story, and it can not be said that he did not succeed, but along the way, he lost some elements that gave body to the saga.

In this sequel, the mercenary will be surrounded by numerous characters from the mutant universe, and it is after a disastrous episode of Wade’s career as a mercenary turns upside down, which makes him rethink his place in the world. In the middle of the existential crisis, a mysterious soldier of the future that answers to the name of Cable (Josh Brolin) will appear in the life of the protagonist. Cable has come to kill a kid that Deadpool wants to protect, but he will soon discover that even his accelerated healing factor is no match for Cable’s arsenal and powers.

Determined to protect the boy, Deadpool will form a new group of mutants, much more evil, much more implacable, much more bloodthirsty, much more X … X-Force!

Deadpool against the Superhero Movies

Again, just like in Deadpool’s first film, the formula of the big- mouth mercenary movie is a transgression. In this sense, take the spirit of the modern comics of the character where Massacre gives wax to almost everyone, ridiculing all kinds of characters from Tony Stark to Wolverine. What happens is that, if in the previous film the protagonist mocked certain clichés and broke the fourth wall with references to popular culture, now attacks the jugular to the genre of superhero movies without mercy.

The comparisons in “Deadpool 2” were inevitable, and who gets the worst part, in this case, is Josh Brolin, an actor who came to play one of the best villains in the history of the genre, and here it falls into a pretty role more flat and bland. It is understood the effort of the film to make fit Cable in a theater of easy jokes, but his participation in the story is nothing short of ridiculous if we consider the importance of the character. Aesthetically meets outstanding, his futuristic weapons with as impressive as one would expect, and his personality does not detract from the comics, but if we analyze it as a piece of a set, the gentleman of the glove leaves it in ridicule.

Something that is surprising if we start from here that Brolin has greater interpretative freedom and does not wear a thick layer of CGI over his face. Perhaps with a script more solid, this antagonist could have shone more, but little could be done with a plot that seems more an excuse than an exercise of creativity born to say something. Cable is lost between the different sections of the film without knowing very well if it is a villain, an ally, or a simple traveler of the time that passed by there.

Who does shine surprisingly above others is Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), a character that continues to work well when it is with Wade on screen and is used to generate some of the most surreal and hilarious moments of the entire sequel. “Deadpool 2” knows that it has to be funny and strives to be, but often falls into the obscene using gratuitous violence to achieve much coarser humor than in the first delivery. A fact that does not make it boring, and that will continue to work with certain audiences, but does not carry that unique halo of originality that fell in love in the past.

Deadpool 2 post-credits scene borders on a level of evil never seen before on the big screen and leave an unbeatable mouthfeel in a sequel that has tried to overcome by forcing a formula that seems to have days counted. The risk bet, however, gives rise to a context where the jokes are more varied, the situations more surprising, and the sensations of being before something different are maintained.

In short, Deadpool 2 is a movie to go to enjoy, without expecting something serious or “mature,” but with a desire to tear us more than a laugh. The budget is quite well used at all levels, and the approach and development of the plot will be liked by fans of the character who addicted to the movies of superheroes.

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Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is back to work as a contract killer, slicing up bad guys while sounding off his typical, loveable, foul-mouthed commentary. He comes to meet a young, struggling mutant named Russell (Julian Dennison - Hunt for the Wilderpeople), who is being pursued by the brutal, cybernetic Cable (Josh Brolin). Deadpool decides it’s time to abandon his solo hero ways and form a team of mutants called the X-Force to protect Russell.

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