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BioDermRX: Combining Science And Beauty | AIB

Nearly every woman would love to improve her appearance using a skincare system backed by science, but so many products out there make bogus claims that it can be difficult to trust any of them. BioDermRX stands out amongst the masses as a brand you can trust, given that a 30-Day Guarantee backs them. If you’re interested in learning more about this powerful product, check out our complete review below!

Mixing Science and Anti-Aging

All the products in the BioDermRX skincare line are formulated using only clinically-proven ingredients, so you can rest assured that science backs every product. Also, every ingredient listed on the product label has been verified to be present and legal by an unaffiliated third party, allowing you to trust in a consistent product every time you use it.

Clean, Restore, Renew

BioDermRX consists of a three-step system formulated to work together to deliver a more vibrant, youthful appearance. The first product is called Flawless Face and uses the antioxidant properties of refreshing green tea extract to cleanse your pores naturally. Many common skin blemishes arise from clogged pores, so a regular wash helps keep your face looking its freshest.

Also, Flawless Face exfoliates your skin to remove older, dead skin cells. This gives your skin a fresh, vibrant look. Finally, the product contains ingredients to prepare your face to receive the benefits of the next product in the line, ensuring that the comprehensive BioDermRX system works better than the sum of its parts.


Flawless Face is applied after rinsing your face in the shower with warm water. It should be applied liberally to your face and neck for optimal results.

The next product is the Age Defy skin cream. It contains numerous ingredients clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, turning back the clock to restore a more youthful appearance. Your skin will appear brighter and fuller after using Age Defy regularly.

Age Defy is at its most effective when used morning and night. Lather it throughout your face and neck, guiding the product away from your eyes using a gentle upward motion with your fingertips. You may emphasize any particular problem areas you have to get the results you want where you need them most.

Age Defy has directed away from the sensitive skin around your eyes, but that’s a troublesome spot for many women. A special Eye Renew cream allows the BioDermRX system to mitigate the appearance of dark lines and crow’s feet in this sensitive area as well. The ingredients also provide your skin cells with the nutrients they need to rejuvenate themselves. Finally, the area is toned and brightened, giving you a stunning appearance that you will never want to be without again!

Eye Renew should be gently massaged into your skin using your fingertips. While it takes the products above multiple applications to demonstrate their full effectiveness, an InstaLift cream is also included to erase wrinkles and creases immediately. This cream is a spot treatment, meaning that you only use it where and when needed.

Membership Options

The BioDermRX system is very pricey if you purchase the individual products separately, but a VIP Membership program is available to get the whole package for an affordable price. You get a one month supply of InstaLift, Eye Renew, Age Defy, and Flawless Face for just $89.95. Another month supply will automatically be shipped to you when you begin to run low, billed to the credit card on file. You can cancel at any time, making this the best possible way to purchase BioDermRX!

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