Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Xiaomi Officially Launches The Black Shark Gaming Phone | AIB

Recently, new reports surfaced of a gaming smartphone, which Xiaomi rumored to be working through a subsidiary company called Black Shark. This Chinese smartphone maker would come up with a new powerful device to make all your gaming fantasies come true. We have good news for avid mobile gamers: the device exists and has been officially revealed.

When you see the device, you immediately know that it is meant for games. The appearance has taken over design elements from a game console and the green accent lines complete it. And if you have not realized that it was a gaming smartphone, it is clearly demonstrated with the promotional material.

Gaming Phone

The device comes with the well-known Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, which we find in all high-end devices of this year. In addition to the Qualcomm chipset, we also see a Pixelworks third generation Iris chipset under the hood, which would raise the performance to a higher level. The Pixelworks chip provides seamless and sharp images and up to one billion vibrant natural colors, and this gaming smartphone has 120 Hz display.

Xiaomi Black Shark CEO Peter Wu compared the development of desktop gaming with that of mobile gaming. He indicated that we have all experienced the performance fights, pushing computers to the limit to deliver the best gaming experience. The same thing is currently going on in the mobile world, now that smartphones have taken a central place in our lives. Thanks to the Pixelworks Iris chipset, Black Shark would be the first device to deliver a superior user experience on a smartphone.

Gaming Phone

The Black Shark comes in two versions, and you can choose 6GB of RAM in combination with 64GB of storage space or 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage space. The smartphone equipped with a 4000 mAh battery.

On April 20 the Black Shark will be launched in China, and they can get started with their favorite games. Whether and when Xiaomi also brings the device to the other parts of the world is still unclear. To know more about the device you can visit Black Shark website, but you will have to let Google translate do its work.

In addition to the Black Shark, Xiaomi has also been active in the field of sports lately. Recently, the Chinese company came with the Amazfit Stratos to keep track of your performance stylishly.

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