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The Best Upcoming Virtual Reality Games in 2018 | AIB

Virtual reality is a dream for many players they have been loving, and for that to be possible, during the last years and decades a large number of developers have been working on trying to achieve it, often with limited success. However, since the previous two-three years, everything seems to change with the new consoles, high-end processors, high-resolution screens and promising projects such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Virtual reality devices are on their way to transform several sectors of the economy in the future. You will be able to travel to any country in the world or play your favorite casino game from your living room and live an incredible immersive experience. Even the health sector has benefited from virtual reality as is considered the future of surgical training.

Virtual reality is called to be something massive in the world of video games, and therefore several companies already offering their virtual reality glasses for their console, PC, and Android. From the outset, we present 10 games that have caught the attention of those announced for this year and who will not be the only ones, after the surprises that are still to come. In short, a reality that has come to stay.

1. The Inpatient

The Inpatient

Supermassive continues with its idea of expanding the world of Until Dawn, this time focusing on one of the locations of the original game that will now be the absolute protagonist: the Blackwood Sanitarium. As one of your patients, we will have to find out why we are confined and what is the mystery behind the terrible experiments and visions we witness.
What we have played so far denotes a game very focused on exploration, but it seems that The Inpatient still keeps the odd surprise. We will discover it very soon.

Developer: Supermassive
VR Support: PlayStation VR

2. Seeking Dawn

Seeking Dawn

At first glance, Seeking Dawn looks like a shooter with exploration more than those that abound in these devices, but little by little we are discovering a game that seeks to bring the experience of action and survival games in a vast environment, with RPG tints and online game.

And for that ambition, we put it on this list. All in all, the game has a story to tell, with beginning and end, but the possibilities through its campaign and the different game modes seem broad enough to go beyond its primary mode.

Developer: Multiverse
VR Support: PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

3. Star Child

Virtual Reality Games

The Paris Games Week was one of the chosen places to announce an excellent title for the virtual reality, and one that stood out with its own light was Star Child, an action, and platform game that seems to return us to a two-dimensional perspective while we explore a fantastic alien planet full of dangers.

This first gameplay let us see that this perspective will not be so easy, but through the device, we can look around to find the exit or detect dangers, while we advance with our protagonist and solve several puzzles along the way.

Developer: Playful
VR Support: PlayStation VR

4. Sairento VR

 Sairento VR

It took more than a year after early access, but it seems that finally, Sairento will arrive in its final version this month. The game has received very encouraging criticism so far since its proposal is engaging. We are a samurai capable of controlling both katanas and firearms, in a futuristic Japan. Think of a vitaminized Superhot, in which time slows down so you can clean the enemies area with style.

Its movement is not fluid, but it works with teleports, but the ability that we have to jump and move quickly handling infinity of weapons does not do anything static.

Developer: Mixed Realms
VR Support: HTC Vive

5. Far Home

Virtual Reality Games

Far Home is a shooter that stands out mainly for its impressive graphics section, which places us in a distant future of the year 2300 where humanity is looking for a new planet to call home, but in that search, you will find more than one danger.

The game, from the creators of the Men of War franchise, early access will reach this month. So we cannot entirely ensure that it arrives this year in its final version, but there is no doubt that the study, consisting of More than 50 people, is trying to squeeze the technical limits that can be achieved in these devices.

Developer: DevCubeStudio
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus

6. Firewall: Zero Hour

Firewall: Zero Hour

After the excellent work of Farpoint with the Aim Controller, which made it clear how well this accessory works and the immersive that can result in any shooter, this year we will see a handful of games that will take advantage of the Sony gun and Firewall: Zero Hour is one of the most striking.

The best way to imagine it is to think of Rainbow Six: Siege, a tactical FPS by teams in which to attack or defend a position, which will put us on four to four maps. Tense situations, looking and peeking through all the corners and at a leisurely pace in which each error is paid.

Developer: First Contact Entertainment
VR Support: PlayStation VR

7. Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector is like a racing game, as it puts us in the role of skaters capable of driving at incredible speeds by complex scenarios. But its frenetic pace that is achieved by learning to keep pace, perform acrobatic jumps and efficient turns seems to produce some of the most successful competitions that we will try in virtual reality. It will be necessary to see how he manages to avoid dizziness, but if he dodges this problem, it can become an experience.

Developer: Survios
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR

8. Space Junkies

Virtual Reality Games

The second game of Ubisoft and more specifically of the study behind the last Rayman, who this time is aimed at virtual reality to bring us a dizzying arcade shooter. With a gun in each hand, a handful of gadgets and zero gravity, the truth is that the imaginary Space Junkies seems attractive both inside and outside the VR.

We still have to see how the jetpack works that drives us around the stage while we aim and shoot, but for the moment, it points to a lot of flying fun.

Developer: Ubisoft
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus

9. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

We have already been waiting for the new release of Ace Combat, which besides being a traditional game, will have its modality for VR, with which it has been publicized a lot. And is that get into the cabin of a fighter is one of the best experiences that can be enjoyed with glasses, coupled with the experience of the study with this consecrated saga.

We do not doubt that the result will be frantic and shocking. We can not forget its history, which is also one of the hallmarks of the franchise, and this time is signed by the creator of its fourth and fifth installments.

Developer: Project Aces
VR Support: PlayStation VR

10. Transference


Ubisoft prepares an entirely different experience as it showed in the last E3 with this Transference. It is a real action psychological thriller in which we traverse the digital recreation of a person’s memories through a mysterious new science called techno-psychology.

As a researcher, we will have to project ourselves into the minds of many subjects to try to help them with their problems, although we doubt that everything will turn out as we expect. The game is not exclusive to VR, but it will be a good exercise to see a real action movie with decisions from the glasses.

Developer: Ubisoft
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR

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