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Steven Spielberg Says Next Indiana Jones Could Be a Woman | AIB

We know we’re going to have another Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones 5’, but what will happen to this franchise after that? It seems very unlikely that we do not have more films of the saga in one way or another, but could the main role be picked up by a woman?

Till date, Harrison Ford has played the celebrated archaeologist and adventurer in four installments and will do so in a fifth – which, it is hoped, will be the last for him. In an interview with The Sun, Spielberg suggested that he would have to change the name from Jones to Joan, and there would be nothing wrong with that.

Indiana Jones

The filming of the fifth installment of Indiana Jones is scheduled to start next year. Regarding this, Spielberg says: “It will be the last Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford, I’m pretty sure, but probably the franchise will continue.” Indiana Jones 5 is expected reach cinemas in 2020 and is confirmed that one of the leading stars of the previous installment, Shia LaBeouf, will not appear this time.

Harrison Ford is currently 75 years old and will be 76 when the production of ‘Indiana Jones 5’ begins next spring. It seems unlikely that he is looking to make many more films of this nature, just as it is doubtful that there will be no more taking into account that he has a huge potential at the box office.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is still a great franchise for Lucasfilm and, without a doubt, Disney Pictures was buying it as much as it bought the Star Wars licenses when it took away the company of George Lucas. In short, Disney will want to make the most of the brand and Spielberg understands this because he assured The Sun recently that “the franchise will continue after my next movie.

But once Harrison Ford finishes, how do they continue? Do they try it in the style of James Bond, with another actor and go ahead as if nothing happened? Probably, the best thing is to bring an actor or a younger actress who is responsible for carrying the full weight of the franchise behind him.

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