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PlayStation 5: Price, Release Date, and Rumors | AIB

This 2018 will be five years since the launch of PlayStation 4. With great games behind console as Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War, among others, it is no wonder that Sony is already thinking PlayStation 5. Little is known about the new Sony console at the official level, but insiders of the industry or analysts have not hesitated to talk openly about what will be the successor of the current platform.

PlayStation 4 caresses the 80 million units sold, an astronomical figure that has catapulted it to be an incontestable success for the Japanese company. Despite the sales, there is no doubt that the machine could have offered specific features that would expand the original proposal and that we could not enjoy due to its architecture.

PlayStation 5 would evolve to offer a performance infinitely superior to what we have today, in addition to elements that already in full 2018 are in high demand by the most frequent players. Along the following lines, we will expose everything we know up to the date of the future platform. From its price and date of launch of PlayStation 5, through the possible backward compatibility. Keep in mind that for now, they are about rumors, so the information must be caught with tweezers until the confirmation by Sony when the time comes.

PlayStation 5

The power of PlayStation 5 would be comparable to that of a high-end PC

SemiAccurate has leaked interesting data on one of the most anticipated themes of the console. According to the website, the power of PlayStation 5 would be equivalent to that of a high-end PC. Among its technical characteristics are detailed that it would be composed of an AMD Navi GPU with GDDR6 memory. The CPU for its part would form an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor. If this information is true, PlayStation 5 will become a real beast at a visual level.

Several studios working with PlayStation 5

A few weeks ago there were rumors about the PlayStation 5 development kits. The information came from the hands of several insiders of the industry, and that ensured that different studies would already be involved in work working with the first kits of the console and therefore in the creation of video games. Of course and as you might expect, the development of these games would be at a very early stage.

The price of PlayStation 5 would be very tight

Sony does not want to make the mistakes with its future console. Michael Patcher, one of the most prominent and controversial analysts in the industry, said that the price of PlayStation 5 would be around 399 USD. In this way Sony would make sure to keep its users loyal to the PlayStation brand, waiting for the launch of PS5 as they did in 2013 with PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 would fix its launch in 2020

An announcement in 2019 with the launch in 2020. This is how several analysts estimate the process before the release of PlayStation 5. The most powerful version of the current Sony machine would become the standard model in the coming months, with 2019 being the year for the Japanese company to present its brand new console officially. Unfortunately, we would have to wait until 2020 to finally have PlayStation 5 in our hands.

PlayStation 5 could be backward-compatible with PlayStation 4

Microsoft has shown that backward compatibility is one of the crucial elements to keep your followers loyal. With the huge catalog of exclusive games that we can enjoy on PlayStation 4, Sony could incorporate the backward compatibility in PlayStation 5 thus giving a giant step for its users and solving one of the major disadvantages of its current console.

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