Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Microsoft Releases First Preview of Office 2019 | AIB

The Microsoft announced the start of the testing program Office 2019 with renovations to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office programs kit. For the first time, the PC app package will be compatible only with Windows 10, with no support for previous versions. Among the new features are better compatibility with the electronic pen and more formulas for spreadsheets.

Office 2019 will enhance the experience of using devices attached to a writing system, such as tablets and hybrid notebooks. Package programs will offer quick access to pen functions in a floating shortcut, improved pressure sensitivity, and replay of drawings.

Office 2019

Excel, on the other hand, promises to stay smarter and more useful to Office users at work. The promise is that the application will gain in-depth data analysis capability integrated with the Power BI enterprise tool. The Windows spreadsheet processor will still have new formulas and graphics. PowerPoint will release the Morph and Zoom features for presentations.

Office 2019

The new Office is targeted primarily to those who do not pay Office 365, subscription version with all these functions added over time. On a monthly basis, new features are received in constant updates. The trend is that Office 2019, sold in the traditional license method, will become a novelty aggregator. In addition to the top three office programs, Office includes apps such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. Microsoft also promised to launch the Office 2019 Preview for Mac soon.

For those businesses which don’t have an active Office 365 subscription, and would like to partake in the early preview of Office 2019, Microsoft is entertaining requests over at its “sign up and try Office 2019” page. It could definitely be worth getting an early hands-on preview if you run a business and intend to run with Office 2019 later in the year. Here’s how to start using it in the tutorial below.

How to test Office 2019

Step 1: To test Office 2019 you need to become a member of the Microsoft Collaborate program. To do this, go to the program page ( and log in with a Microsoft account. You will be presented with a form to fill out with your information. After completing, check the dialog box to accept the terms of use and click “Next.”

Step 2: When entering the program, click on the “Engagements” item in the main panel

Step 3: Select “Office 2019 Commercial Preview” from the list

Step 4: Check the box to accept the terms of use and click “Join”

Step 5: On the next screen, select “Show Packages”

Step 6: From the list, go to “Office Deployment Tool”

Step 7: The download button is on the right. Click on it to start downloading.


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