Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Meizu Halo Earphones gives you a Chance to Shine | AIB

Many of those who walk around the city or travel a lot are headphone users. Some are more expensive, and others are cheaper. Most came in the phone box. With the new Halo headphones, Meizu hopes to convince you to upgrade. They look good and most likely sound decent. But their role is to make you stand out from the crowd.

There are all kinds of headphones with advanced features that improve everything about your audio experience. With the design of headphones, however, companies usually do not do much spectacular. The shape is the same, and you can choose from nice colors. Meizu is happy with this boring band and is coming soon with Halo: a flashy headphone that immediately provides cozy lighting.

New in-ear headphones come with Bluetooth connectivity. The eye-catching headphone consists of a 1.5-meter-long cable, which cheerfully lights up in neon blue or red. This cable wraps around your ears to enjoy your favorite tunes while letting the rest of the wire hang around your body like a fashion statement. Halo’s cable is made of Corning’s Fibrance material, which is a unique light-scattering fiber. This makes the glowing effect possible.

There is a slider which ensures that the light turns on and off in the headphone. You have to remember that the light also uses energy and the battery also runs out a little faster. At the same time, you have a microphone, volume adjustment buttons, and a third call interaction button. There is also a dedicated mobile application for adjusting the headphone operating parameters. At 50 percent clarity Halo keeps it for about five hours. If you choose just sound, the battery life will be extended to fifteen hours. The battery is located at the end of the cable and takes about one and a half hours to be recharged.

The Halo uses Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX support, has buttons for volume control, call and pairing functions, along with a switch to turn the lighting on and off. Halo is not yet for sale, but it does not take long anymore. At the end of April it should be that far, but then the headphones will be released in China. Whether and when he comes to India is still unknown. In any case, Halo will cost 10,000 rupees.

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