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Are You Old? How Your Thinking Impacts Your Age | AIB

Have you noticed how some people seem much younger than they really are? There are also people who happen to the opposite, who seem much older than the age. Sometimes this is due to genetics, but it can also affect the way you think and the thoughts that invade your mind day after day.

To stay healthy and young it is important to have a good lifestyle, have a proper diet, exercise, sleep well, have good relationships with the people closest to you, etc. But the speed of thought is also important. When you have a right mentality, aging slows down instead of accelerating.

If you always think of problems, of tensions, of death, of things that make you feel bad, in the past … You will not be able to feel good about the surrounding environment or the life you are leading. Your thoughts will block the ability to enjoy the present.

Why do we age?


Humanity has asked this question since the beginning of time. People get older because each of us has the ability to reproduce and on the planet ‘there is no place for everyone.’ Nature is wise, and therefore, everything that begins has an end. The living beings have age, and that advances with the step of the time, as they progress they cannot reproduce of an equal way that when they had less age and when it arrives at a much old age, the life goes off to leave room to new generations.

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All the cells of the world exist thanks to the reproduction of beings, and thanks to that we are what we are. But the cells can age faster or slower depending on the cases, and the power of the mind in people should not be skimped. In this sense, you must take care of your thoughts so that in this way, you can take care of the rhythm of your aging.

Can we fight against aging?


There are many people who ‘would sell their soul to the devil’ to be eternally young. Nowadays, both men and women go through surgery only because they are afraid of getting old or because they do not want to. They do not want to show themselves to the world with wrinkles or with symptoms of old age. They are not good at appearing older or simply to pretend the age they have on their ID. For this reason, many clinics fill their pockets with people who want to look younger forever, although the effect of these operations quite the opposite.

Scientists always go a step further and are already thinking of ways to prevent aging. With the current techniques of aesthetics, perhaps a woman or a man can ‘stretch’ their face to pretend they do not have wrinkles, but their age will be reflected in other parts of the body, such as the neck or hands. Some people focus on creams to reduce wrinkles or to make the skin look younger and smoother, they do not always work either, or if they have a positive effect and once stopped using the product, everything comes back.

But in reality, to fight against aging, there is only one way: to age with dignity. Do not think about surgeries or creams, get the best out of each stage of life because we just have one. Live life without stress or anxiety scourging your thoughts, avoiding negative thoughts and having others that are positive. Have a mind that helps us feel good instead of making us feel bad. Your mind has a lot of power, do not skimp what it is capable of doing for you.

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