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God of War is not only a saga of video games much loved by many players, but it is also one of the flagships of the PlayStation brand, now it returned after five years in style, with a great game, impeccable and forceful in all aspects. A demonstration of muscle by Sony with which reaffirms its commitment to exceptional blockbusters for gamers.

After the end that we lived in the third installment and although many expected that someday there would be a new continuation, the truth is that the company knew how to handle its development with great secrecy, it was a complete surprise to see Kratos appear from that mythical dark background. However Kratos had changed, an unknown child was with him, Greece had been left behind, and the Nordic lands were the new scenario. If those changes were already surprising, there was still a lot to see.

God of War

This new installment of God of War could be used as a manual to explain how to make a change in a saga improving every one of its sections. As the analysis progresses, you will see how the camera, the combat system, the soundtrack, the character’s introspection and both history and location are aspects that have taken this franchise a step further.

Once you get on the job, you discover that the mix of action, exploration, and show is quite similar to the first two installments, and any fan will feel at home, as well as satisfy any newcomer in the series. While the mix of ingredients is familiar, his ambition is unparalleled within the saga, with a much larger adventure than anyone expected, which can take about 25 hours to overcome, and close to 40 if you want to complete it everything. Since it has many secondary objectives to lose you exploring its fascinating world, one of the most beautiful that we have visited in recent years.

The return of Kratos in style

God of War

After devastating the Greek Olympus in a thirst for revenge that seemed never to be able to appease, Kratos finishes in Nordic mythology, in Midgard, the world of men that was created by the gods. Without many more explanations, in a story that defies your answers and surprises very well, we embark on a journey with Kratos and his son Atreus, a character entirely protagonist in both the narrative and the playable, which is not a mere comparison.

The relationship between father and son is well written, and its evolution throughout the game is the epicenter of the story, maintaining the usual intrigues and conflicts with gods and other creatures, as well as those epic moments that leave you with your mouth open. The story flows with great rhythm, the cinematics is never too long, and we are facing a remarkably entertaining game, with a perfect mix of combat, exploration, puzzles, and history, everything in its proper measure, something that is not easy to achieve.

God of War

The most striking change at first glance is the change of camera. A few minutes after starting the game you begin to see how the difference has been a total success in every way. The combat with this camera becomes much more brutal; they feel much more real every one of the blows, you get closer to what Kratos lives in each of the fights, which is also vital when transmitting sensations and feelings.

Combat System

The combat system is still as spectacular as ever, but you live much more intensely with this new perspective. This game is the first one where we are told that we have the power of a god. It is terrific and enjoyable to combat with the ax so that we can chain different types of hits with R1 and R2 besides being able to throw the ax and hit with the fists and the shield.

God of War

As the game progresses, we can improve skills and learn new and better skills. Throwing the ax as if we were Thor with the hammer, it makes us feel powerful and puts us intense situations when an enemy advances towards us while we are waiting with the outstretched arm for our weapon to arrive from the place that we launched it to continue doing damage.

Those who fear having left behind the typical hack & slash tone should not be very worried either. The gameplay of the game is fresh, dynamic and very fast, also rewarding the skill of the player in the chain of combos. Playing God of War is still as or more fun as it has always been, even as we have already remarked, the change of camera brings more rawness and makes us feel the blows as more real and hard. The variety of enemies is considerable, and the only downside in this regard could come because some bosses have too similar designs.

God of War Skill Tree

This God of War is the game that has also deepened in RPG elements. The combat is supported a lot of the improvements we can implement because we have the option to level up to unlock skills, but we must also buy and improve equipment. Add gems and select items that increase the statistics of strength, defense, runic, vitality, reuse or luck depending on the way we fight that we adopt. Also, the different gems that we equip will give us specific abilities, and the use of Atreus for the combat will also define how we face each situation, this can attack, immobilize, shock and damage the enemies if we send it using the square key.

God of War

In general, the Kratos son in combat will allow to lengthen the combos and overcome the most complicated situations, the equipment that we put both Kratos and Atreus also affect visually, giving effective aesthetic combinations and being able to see the Spartan in very different ways.

The main story, as for the multitude of secondary objectives, from large missions to all kinds of collectibles, and even fearsome final bosses that should be addressed in the endgame, once you have passed the game, which somehow has many surprises. You will want to see everything in the game, because even some of these secondary missions take you to scenarios that you not seen, and the world they have created is fascinating, both technically and artistically.


God of War is undoubtedly one of the heavyweights of this year. The exclusive title of PlayStation 4 shows excellent quality in many of its sections but, what we can say with absolute certainty is that the creation of Santa Monica Studios is one of the most spectacular games graphically to date, as well as having one of the best soundtracks we have heard in recent years.

Technically it is impeccable, both in PS4 and PS4 Pro, and is one of the references of the generation, but we have been even more surprised by its superb art direction, with a design of scenarios and engaging creatures, which make excellent use of the abundant Norse mythology. It is now when we should thank them that they have not taught the game too much, since they will surprise you many of their locations, with a full capacity to untangle jaws with their beauty.

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No doubt God of War is a masterpiece, one of the best if not the best PlayStation 4 game and a definite candidate for the best game of the year award in a few months. A more human Kratos, more feeling, a more mature story, better development of characters and a profound change in the gameplay are responsible for all the success that this game reaches.

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