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Fortnite: Battle Royale Vs. PUBG: Which Mobile Game Is Better? | AIB

Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are two Battle Royale-style games that already have versions for PCs and consoles, but are now also available on mobile phones. With full editions and a truly portable experience, the two came out on Android and iOS – even though Fortnite is only available on Apple platforms for now. Learn the differences, advantages of one over the other and more details on the mobile versions of these survival titles.

Game download on mobile

Both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are huge games, but there is an advantage over each other here. The download of Fortnite is only initial, and when you open the game, it performs an additional one. This may frustrate some people who want to play soon, while PUBG Mobile does the standard transfer and when the game is opened, it already works without having to wait to download more data. For some reason, the title seems more optimized and has this advantage over its competitor.

Fortnite Vs PUBG


In graphical terms, the two matches equate, more or less. The biggest difference between them, in fact, is the overall design. Fortnite is a game more aimed at the visual caricature of characters, remembering cartoons, with features exaggeratedly different from normal humans.

In PUBG, the graphics remember more classic war games, like Weapon. We cannot say which one has the best graphics because the style is very distinct and goes from the taste of who is playing – if you prefer one or the other.

Gameplay and controls

The controls of PUBG Mobile are done very well and organized. The game allows you to run automatically, select weapons more clearly, shoot or change position, all in a very precise and without getting in the way. The Fortnite controls are also good, but a bit more messy, with buttons scattered on the screen in a less organized way and a bit more confusing. At this point, PUBG has an advantage.

Fortnite Vs PUBG


Both games play very well! Despite the initial extra download of Fortnite, once installed, games behave evenly, even on older phones – without crashes or choking that could detract from its performance. Which is very good, since both are games that require this, since they can not harm you with slowness or technical problems. They are very well optimized.


As with computers and consoles, PUBG has a slight advantage for user customization. The equipment that changes the look of the character is much more varied and, although they have limited duration, are presented in a more organized way. In Fortnite, personalization is still high, with crisp, unbreakable clothes, but the most exciting system, even on the mobile, rivals the competition.

Fortnite Vs PUBG


The scenarios of the two games are perfect and well designed, so there is an absolute advantage between one or the other. The differential of PUBG is in just seem to have a bigger and wider environment. However, the experience is not impaired in Fortnite. Both games are fun in this aspect, equally or very close.

Platforms and price

For now, PUBG Mobile wins on availability as it was released on iOS and Android. Fortnite is available only on iOS, but Epic Games has already ensured that the Android version arrives soon – even though it has not offered a specific date for its release. For those who do not like to play on the phone, it is worth remembering that titles are also available on consoles and PCs.

Remember that, though, on the mobile, PUBG is for free, while on Xbox One or on the computers it is sold. Fortnite is free in all its versions.

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