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The 10 Best Places to visit in Germany | AIB

Germany is a country rich in history, traditions and cultural diversity, so it has a lot to offer the traveler who visits it. Germany is an excellent choice as a holiday destination. Whether you are planning a trip for your holidays or you are planning to move to study or work, visiting Germany is a pleasure. Medieval villages, modern and cosmopolitan cities, options to enjoy the mountains, etc. Whatever your taste, in Germany you can get it.

We leave you a list of what we believe, are the 10 places to see in Germany that we consider most essential!

1. Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg, Germany

You will feel you are traveling in time when you visit Quedlinburg. This Renaissance town is located north of the Harz Mountains and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In its historic center, more than 1,300 wooden houses painted in colors and cobbled streets meet.

Quedlinburg is the home of the oldest house in Germany, which was built at the beginning of the 14th century. For what you want most, do not miss the Burgberg area (“castle mountain”).

2. Munich

Munich, Germany

The home of the Oktoberfest, the capital of Bavaria offers alpine views and crowded halls where you can drink beer. It is much more than the bratwurst sausages, the beer, and the typical “lederhosen” pants. Munich is a modern city that is often at the top of the lists of the best cities to live in the world.

With its shops, cultural attractions, lakes, and mountains that take your breath away, without a doubt it is an edge that manages the perfect balance between life in the city and natural beauty.

3. Cologne

Cologne, Germany

You will have heard about “Colonia water,” and the truth is that this is where this type of perfume was born in 1709. The city even has its own museum dedicated to fragrances. But not everything in Cologne is related to good smells. This city is on the banks of the Rhine River, and its nerve center is structured around the famous Cathedral with its twin towers.

As if this were not enough they also have a large museum of chocolate and a bridge (the Hohenzollern) in which lovers hang locks and then throw the key to the river hoping that their love is eternal.

4. Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

The capital of Germany has it all: good restaurants, incredible nightlife, museums, art galleries and beautiful architecture with examples such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Charlottenburg Palace, and the Berlin Cathedral.

If you go to Germany, you will not be left without ideas of things to see and do in Berlin: walking routes through its history, markets, jazz music bars and art. The East Side Gallery is the largest outdoor art gallery in the world and has about 1 km of works in a section of the old Berlin Wall.

5. Mittenwald


If you want to escape to the mountains in search of pure air and perfect views, look no further than Mittenwald you will find Bavarian Alps. This town is famous for its workshops of violins, violas, and cellos and also for the concerts and conferences that take place here in summer.

In winter it is an excellent place to ski, so be a bit more original and avoid the most typical and topical places to go downhill. Choosing a lesser-known location like Mittenwald will enchant you.

6. Hamburg


Hamburg has the third largest port in the world (behind London and New York), and its magnificent bay offers a variety of seafood and exquisite fish (do not miss the Hamburg Fischmarkt on Sundays). If you like shopping, the Alsterarkaden area is perfect.

If you want to escape the stress of the city, you can always drop by Planten un Blomen, which has the third largest Japanese garden in Europe and where free concerts are held during the summer months. Known as “The door to the world,” you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Hamburg: from theaters to operas and to the largest miniature railway line on the planet (Miniatur Wunderland).

7. Heidelberg


If you want to go to a romantic place full of natural charms, Heidelberg is your place. This small city hosts the oldest university in Germany and is a corner that inspired many famous artists, composers, and authors such as Goethe, Mark Twain or the painter William Turner.

The old baroque town has cobbled streets, and the castle that dominates the town is the main tourist attraction.

8. Bremen


This historic city in Northern Germany is home to the famous Beck’s beer, so do not miss the guided tour of the factory, including tasting. If you want to immerse yourself in the history, drop by the Schnoor neighborhood, which is the oldest in the city and is full of charming narrow streets, shops and family restaurants for generations.

Dom St. Petri (the Cathedral of St. Peter) is the star of the Plaza Mayor and is more than 1,200 years old. The Rathaus (city hall) is another building that you should not miss, and that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Make sure before leaving that you spend a late-night in the “Ratskeller,” a wine cellar that has some of the oldest and richest in Germany.

9. Stuttgart


This cosmopolitan city is affiliated with the automotive industry and is known to be the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. If you go to Stuttgart, you can visit the museums of these two brands, if they interest you. Besides, there are also many vineyards in the Karlshöhe area, so spend a little time doing tastings and admiring the panoramic views of Stuttgart.

The architecture ranges from ultramodern buildings such as the television tower (Fernsehhturm) to the Old Castle (Altes Schloss), which is a 10th-century fortress.

10. Baden-Baden


Baden-Baden is the perfect destination if you are looking for wellness and relaxation, as it means “bathrooms.” It is a very luxurious and exclusive spa town on the northern slope of the Black Forest. Located in a valley full of forests and with thermal waters is ideal to let yourself be pampered.

There are two thermal baths (Caracalla Spa and Friedrichsbad) as well as many spa hotels. If you tire of the jacuzzi, visit the “Festspielhaus,” the second largest opera in Europe. Baden-Baden is also famous for the Das Kurhaus casino, which is the most elegant casino in the world.

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