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‘Avengers: Infinity War’: The Spoiler-Free Review | AIB

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is the conclusion of 10 years of work at Marvel Studios and 18 films before the big film event that the house of ideas has prepared for us, something that they have done well in comics and has been able to translate on the big screen with more or less success. But as in the comics, nothing will be the same after ‘Infinity War.’

The summary of Avengers: Infinity War presents us Thanos, alias the conqueror of worlds or the crazy Titan, helped by the Black Order, his group of elite, intends to gather the six Infinity Stones carry them in his gauntlet. These artifacts, created at the beginning of time, have an unlimited power with which Thanos intends to destroy half the population of the universe to restore its natural balance. The Avengers and their allies must protect them to avoid such annihilation by working as a team for the common good and even establishing a new network of collaborators.

The story moves us quickly after the final credits scene of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ in which the ship with the last Asgardians stumble upon Thanos ship and his ‘Black Order.’ After this first encounter, Thor and Hulk will separate their ways, which will lead the latter to return to earth to warn the most powerful heroes of the planet of the danger that looms, not only to the planet but entire Universe.

The Russo brothers direct the film, the assembly of the movie although it takes place in several different scenarios is very dynamic and entertaining. A roller coaster of feelings that produces having shared so many moments with all the characters in the film that the viewer does not notice the more than 2 hours of footage of the film that gives us amazing moments and some epic scenes.

Despite having enjoyed the film, there will be many fans who will probably come out with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, leaving the cinema with the sense of having seen the best superhero movie in history and on the other the side having to wait until 2019 to get answers to the questions it generates.

The visual effects in moments have too much prominence. It is the case, for example, of the nanotechnological suit of Iron Man, which now seems almost organic by the way it is “built” around the body of Tony Stark. Something similar happens in the preparation of the battle in Wakanda: the visual effects take over everything and betray a green screen work little-taken care of. Even so, the effects to create Rocket Raccoon or the motion capture of Thanos, are impeccable.

Technically nothing to reproach, there could be some fear of the character of Thanos being made in CGI. But the truth is that it is great, and from here if we have once claimed Andy Serkis to the Oscar for best actor for his work in the sagas of Tolkien and the Planet of the apes, I must ask for the Oscar from Joss Brolin for his role. Since this actor has given us a great performance as the best villain to date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As for the interpretation of the actors, it is noted that all of them have been with their characters for years and are very comfortable with them, as well as the right vibes they had between them during the filming.

Avengers: Infinity War is the best movie to date, something that as it would take us to open a long debate. But what is clear and does not admit discussion is that it is the most ambitious and risky film of how many we have seen, and not only because of what the numbers tell us but because it triggers a sidereal war in which the entire universe is involved.

In short, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is a very entertaining film, not suitable for carrying small children and whether or not you are a fan of the superhero genre you will enjoy a great movie evening with an honestly complete film in my humble opinion.

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Infinity War is the biggest cinematographic superhero crossover seen till date, just as they had promised us. It has epic, dramatic and humorous moments, so it does not disappoint, although it places us in the future to know the resolution of the plot.

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